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an exhilarating win, and some clarity about where we stand

Any win against Georgetown is a great win; let’s get that straight right off the bat. Especially when it’s in overtime, on national television, and Georgetown is ranked near the top ten. I’ll take a victory against the Hoyas — no matter how pretty or ugly — any chance I can get, and I will [...]

drink it up, kids

When a team has an extended run of success, it’s possible for a top ten ranking to become somewhat mundane. One simply gets used to it, and forgets the excitement other schools may feel in cracking that barrier of prestige. But I posit this: a number one ranking is something that can never get old. [...]

The ten best lines from Ben Detrick’s article on SU’s future national championship

While most of Syracuse nation remains abuzz over the football team’s unexpected demolishing of West Virginia — and I remain in that state as well — I’m also still reveling in the afterglow of the most entertaining piece of Syracuse basketball writing I’ve come across in years. I’m referring to Ben Detrick’s hilarious, erudite, and [...]

the Onion has a way of cutting to the heart of an issue

From America’s finest news source:

Syracuse Leaves Big East For Woman Named ‘Misti’
September 28, 2011 |
SYRACUSE, NY—In a hastily delivered statement from the passenger side of the young woman’s lime-green Hyundai Tiburon, Syracuse University announced Sunday it was leaving the Big East, the conference it helped create more than 30 years [...]

That notorious Atlantic article and how it might relate to our current pain

Taylor Branch shook the world of college sports recently with the publication of a devastating attack on the NCAA’s system of exploitation against college athletes. The obfuscation, manipulation, hypocrisy, and general disingenuousness of almost everything the NCAA tries to do at the major sports level is truly disturbing.  He wrote the piece in The Atlantic, [...]

there is no silver lining

Josh weighed in below, and I agree with everything he said.  As this space has always been a forum for multiple writers to express their joy, frustration, exuberance, and disappointment with all things Syracuse basketball, I want to take my turn to expand on some of the awfulness that has just occurred.
The first text I [...]


From Nolan Weidner’s story on Floyd Little’s introductory news conference:
…Later, Little had fun with SU basketball coach Jim Boeheim, whose collegiate career overlapped with Little’s.
“I used to play (basketball) with you in the old men’s gym, and I used to beat you like a drum … you and Dave Bing,” Little said, referring [...]

Best of luck to Coach Murph; Welcome back, Red

Props to the Post-Standard for digging up this shot.  Who would’ve thought they’d all be back together again, 18 years later?

nothing makes sense

Enough time has passed since the gut-wrenching debacle against Marquette that I was finally able to stomach a curious glance at my online bracket picks — this being the first time I’d checked them closely since before the 2nd weekend of games.  The inexplicable results awaiting me speak to the insanity of what’s happened in [...]

I know Newark is in Greater Syracuse, but is Cleveland?

I haven’t subscribed to Sports Illustrated since the invention of the intertubes, so earlier this year I missed an interesting article analyzing the social science causes of the Home Field Advantage. Luckily David Brooks recapped it in the New York Times today, and thus I pass it on to you:
…Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon [...]