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On the road again….

Fitting that SU’s FTRG (”first true road game”) came on a night when I was making my own road trip, driving 6 hours from DC to glorious chilly Upstate NY. I thought I’d timed it perfectly, arriving at my destination around 6:45, just enough time to get settled in and stretch out from the road [...]

Football killed the basketball star

With today’s official announcement of the defection of West Virginia to the Big 12, there is now one school remaining in the Big East that was part of the original football conference. Ladies and bros, I present the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. (Although who knows, maybe they’ll bring back Temple.) Six original basketball members remain (counting [...]

there is no silver lining

Josh weighed in below, and I agree with everything he said.  As this space has always been a forum for multiple writers to express their joy, frustration, exuberance, and disappointment with all things Syracuse basketball, I want to take my turn to expand on some of the awfulness that has just occurred.
The first text I [...]

The five stages of ACC grief

I heard the news late Saturday night. I’d been offline and disconnected for the past 48 hours, unable even to watch the USC game, so I had heard none of the inklings, none of the rumors or leaks about the absolute travesty that was made official early this morning. Since the information was dropped on [...]

The Big East is the muthaf***ing Hammer of Thor

As of right now, 19 of the top 25 teams in the country are from the Big East. In the RPI, 12 out of the top 10 teams are from the Big East. The Big East’s record against other BCS schools so far this season is 822-9.  Congress has mandated that league-based power-rankings produced by [...]

Light: 2, Darkness: 0

But I’d be a heck of a lot more impressed if NC State hadn’t just lost by 40 to an unranked team right before playing us. Life as a Syracuse fan has turned into one giant breath-holding exercise, as we all wait, cringing, for the other shoe to drop. Because drop it will, and it [...]

Light: 1, Darkness: 0

For the first time this season, I’m legitimately frustrated to be 10,000 miles away from any television showing an SU game. I hate to miss these rare opportunities to watch SU speak the basketball gospel to a godless ACC squad. Granted Georgia Tech rarely emerges as a high profile ACC representative, but any member of [...]

Pain in the land of the godless

I’m not sure how much our resident ACC-basher Syracusan is aware of the early-season results from that godless conference, what with his being in China and all. So, not wanting this opportunity for sweet Schadenfreude to get lost in the shuffle, I will pick up his mantle and provide here for your reading pleasure some [...]

reveal thyself, mysterious benefactor!

I grant that being #2 in the AP poll — so close to glory we can taste it — is more exciting than the Coaches poll relegating us to #3 (that’s soooo last week).  However, it’s worth noting that SU received a solitary glorious FIRST PLACE VOTE in said Coaches poll, and it behooves me [...]

The Big Most

Just a moment here to reflect on the early-season success of the Big East basketball conference as a whole. Our resident conference comparer is in China, and although he has been checking in as best he can, he doesn’t have a Thanksgiving holiday weekend during which he can incessantly blog about college basketball. I, on [...]