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OK, I thought the USS Midway was actually docked in port, not rolling around on the high seas. But it must have been unmoored and rocking to and fro on some major waves. How else to explain the utter slopfest that was yesterday’s Battle thereon? It hurt my eyes to watch, and not because I [...]

reveal thyself, mysterious benefactor!

I grant that being #2 in the AP poll — so close to glory we can taste it — is more exciting than the Coaches poll relegating us to #3 (that’s soooo last week).  However, it’s worth noting that SU received a solitary glorious FIRST PLACE VOTE in said Coaches poll, and it behooves me [...]


I’m pretty sure that, a week ago, zero people would have bet that SU would draw more fans to a Monday night NIT game than they did to Senior Night against Georgetown (also on a Monday night). But they did. The NIT attendance record is now shattered and should remain so until some other school [...]