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Make this happen.

To Daryl Gross and Oliver Luck, Esqs.
The Pinstripe Bowl matches up teams from the Big East and Big XII. Please, please make sure it is Syracuse vs. West Virginia.
Just think of it. This was the first season since 1955 that SU and WVU did not meet on the gridiron. 57 years. We can rectify [...]

in the event of victory, please do not storm the court

In the unlikely event that SU beats Marquette tomorrow in the Dome, I have one small request. Can we please hold back from storming the court? For once, please?
Because we all know this is the type of game Syracuse often wins. Just to annoy us. Just to make the Pitt loss that much harder to [...]

Dear Norm Roberts

Mr. Roberts-
I wish to express my appreciation of several of your strategic decisions in tonight’s Syracuse-St. John’s game.  Foremost among these was allowing Arinze Onuaku to move freely through the paint for short hook shots and layups, rather than using your collection of nondescript interchangeable frontcourt players to foul him every time he got the [...]

An open letter to NBA general managers: You seem to have forgotten about Terrence Roberts

Soaking in the recent megabuzz surrounding this year’s NBA draft, I was pleased to notice the names of Syracuse studs Demetris Nichols and Daryl Watkins tossed around by your ilk. They’re good players, and their likely signing to one of your rosters will serve you well. But in everything from the pre-draft buzz to the [...]

An open letter to Daryl Gross

This is a letter I emailed to Daryl Gross a month or so ago, and have been disappointed not to have received a response. Therefore, with this publication, it becomes an open letter. I remain as convinced as ever that there is some sort of quantifiable psychological advantage to the use of music [...]