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The Shut It Down Process

Holding the opponent under 30% shooting? Check.
Forcing 25 turnovers? Check.
Allowing five points over the final 15 minutes of the first half? Check.
Sing it with Coach Murphy now:

From the first few games, it looks like Syracuse will win this season through defense first. They do have a number of guys who are capable of a scoring [...]

Best of luck to Coach Murph; Welcome back, Red

Props to the Post-Standard for digging up this shot.  Who would’ve thought they’d all be back together again, 18 years later?

Come together

Right now. (Not right now.)
Correct me if I’m wrong, but has there been a more complete team effort win this season than this one? Major contributions from 7 guys, and it seemed that each of them carried the load for one stretch or another. Waiters had big moments in the first half. Scoop made things [...]

The only poll that matters

One of my favorite bits of SU hoops coverage every year is what Mike Waters has called this year the “Had To Ask” survey. This is the assortment of questions about the players’ lives and preferences that the P-S publishes each preseason. It was through this survey in previous years that we learned that Arinze [...]

All is not lost. Not yet.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but the reality is that this year is not so far off the tracks as it might feel. In fact, so far things have gone almost exactly as some of us predicted. It’s painful to go through while you experience it, but the truth is only the Cincinnati game [...]

“Like A Virus:” The Orange Road Invasion in Pictures

Attending our game at Villanova this weekend, it was impossible to ignore a fact that most of our Big East rivals have probably long since come to terms with: Syracuse fans tend to be extremely obnoxious when visiting road arenas. “Like a virus” was the best description overheard from a Villanova fan in our section. [...]