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The wandering Canadian (Pro Update January 2013)

As I sat around last night watching Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks go up against the Kris Joseph-free Celtics, I realized it’s time for another Pro Update. Here’s what’s been going on:
As mentioned above, Kris Joseph was cut by the Celtics earlier this month. In fact, he was cut just a few hours before his [...]

All your development are belong to SU (Pro Update Dec 2012)

It’s back! Your one-stop to learn all there is to know about former SU basketball players who are currently playing professionally somewhere or other. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the flexibility to put one of these together, so it’s a bit longer than usual. Plenty of content to peruse while you wait [...]

With or without Noel

I try not to get too hyped up about potential recruits. Once a guy has made his decision to play for Jim Boeheim, I’ll pore over the most minute of details about his game, style, personality, haircut, anything. But until then, I try to keep my distance. I’d rather not invest too much, getting all [...]

Pro Update December 2011

With the NBA season about to (finally) tip off, it’s time to revive our long-running-but-recently-deficient series of posts covering the professional basketball lives of former Orangemen. You probaby have heard the recent news about Andy Rautins being cut by the Mavs or Paul Harris wrecking the D-League on the stellar TNIAAM, but here we are [...]

What went wrong

Scattered thoughts. I’m not up to doing a coherent analysis, and I’d rather get this out of the way so that I don’t have to think about it tomorrow:

Trees out; Eagles in

I was never so relieved about the result of a basketball game as I was when SU was up by 18 or so with under 3 minutes left. I didn’t watch the game live, I had a prior commitment (thanks a pantload, schedulers, for holding the SU game during the only time slot in all [...]

Who on this Syracuse team would you want on your side in a knife fight?

When it comes to Syracuse basketball, I’m typically a creature of brazen overconfidence. Every preseason I get that “this could be the year” feeling that only blossoms as we mow through mid-major opponents and preseason tournaments in November and December. Then, over the course of every season, they provide the full dramatic range of hope, [...]

Come together

Right now. (Not right now.)
Correct me if I’m wrong, but has there been a more complete team effort win this season than this one? Major contributions from 7 guys, and it seemed that each of them carried the load for one stretch or another. Waiters had big moments in the first half. Scoop made things [...]

The Big East’s all-conference TEAM

The votes are in, and apparently some Big East coaches have warped priorities. As you have undoubtedly seen, the six players on the all-Big East first team are all guards and wing players. Great talents, no doubt. All certainly deserving of recognition. But there is no real frontcourt presence among them. At 6′5″, Providence’s [...]

Rick Jackson - a Cuse Country retrospective

November 2007: a group of talented yet enigmatic freshmen make their debuts for the Syracuse University men’s basketball team. The prize of the class was forward Donte Greene, who was heralded as the next coming of Carmelo Anthony. Greene was joined by a dynamic point guard named Jonny Flynn, and two high school teammates from [...]