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Thank You Doug Marrone

Dear Coach Marrone:
This is to say thank you for all that you have done for your, that is, OUR Syracuse football program. Thank you for cleaning up the steaming turdheap that was left behind by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Thank you for instilling discipline. Thank you for bringing quality back to the Dome. Thank you for two bowl [...]

Bring it on

OK so I never got to write about the Temple game. I was home for the holidays and what with all the eating, family time, and eating I just never got around to it. What is there to say? They played like poop and lost. Hopefully they don’t play like poop again this year, but [...]

Make this happen.

To Daryl Gross and Oliver Luck, Esqs.
The Pinstripe Bowl matches up teams from the Big East and Big XII. Please, please make sure it is Syracuse vs. West Virginia.
Just think of it. This was the first season since 1955 that SU and WVU did not meet on the gridiron. 57 years. We can rectify [...]

You ass. See?

There is a lot to like from Saturday’s pitched battle with the USC Condoms that was simultaneously “never in doubt” and “closer than expected”. For the latter, please note that SU crushed the point spread (set at -26), actually outgained USC in yards from scrimmage, and at one point in the 2nd half had possession [...]

Let it all hang out

Go for broke.
You got nothing to lose.
Don’t hold back.
Let your freak flag fly.
Shock the world.
Seriously — I want to see you going for it on at least two fourth downs, and pulling out a couple trick plays (perhaps a wide receiver option pass involving Ashton Broyld). Why the heck not? Make it funky and good [...]

The better team lost

What a gut-wrenching way to start a football season. SU outplayed Northwestern in most phases of the game, but made four or five mind-bogglingly awful plays which gave the Wildcats gift after gift. NU scored two of their touchdowns without the Orange defense on the field, and two more were on drives of less than [...]

It beginneth

Are you ready for some football?!?!?

No, no! I said fooTball.

AMERICAN football.

…close enough.
Just about 10 hours from now, the Syracuse University football season will be officially underway. All the prognostication and hype will boil down to what happens on the field. I am not versed enough in the intricacies of the team to give any [...]

The quick and the dead

The quick is the SU basketball team. Good effort by the guys on Friday night to dispatch a talented and resilient Florida squad. The dead is, of course, the football team, who laid another stinker Saturday in a season mostly full of them.
Instead of spending valuable column inches here spouting off about football, I will [...]

Dude, seriously?

I don’t know what to say about the SU football team anymore. Such a sloppy display of penalties, dropped passes, and missed defensive assignments…. at home, on national TV, against a previously winless conference opponent. Talk about laying an egg. As high as the peak was three weeks ago beating WVU, we are down in [...]

The thrill of victory and… that other thing….

Major congratulations to the Syracuse University field hockey team who dispatched their hated rivals Connecticut by a 3-2 margin on Sunday to win the Big East conference title. SU jumped out to a 2-0 lead less than 5 minutes in. They added a third goal midway through the first half on a (rare) penalty stroke [...]