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NBA Summer League Update

The three-week-long festival of essentially pickup basketball that is the NBA Summer League experience is winding to a close. The two sessions (first Orlando, then Vegas) have been dotted with Orange this summer. No fewer than seven former Syracuse stars have appeared on at least one Summer League roster. I bet you won’t guess which [...]

Pro Update 4-22-10 (Playoff primer edition)

Happy Earth Day everybody! We will celebrate by spanning the globe, checking in on SU alums playing ball far and near, all while leaving a minuscule carbon footprint. (Because my laptop runs on wishes and moonbeams.) This edition features a Matt Gorman resurgence in England, Terrence Roberts speaking out in Japan, and Preston Shumpert setting [...]

I stand before you in awe

Given the context — the importance, the opponent, the adversity, and the improbability — I’m inclined to think that the first 30 minutes of SU’s win against Gonzaga was the most impressive display I have ever seen from a Syracuse team.
I realize Gonzaga is not a top ten team, and that the final margin was [...]

Look who’s back in action! (Pro Update 3-6-10)

This past Wednesday, Etan Thomas saw his first NBA action since December 4. The Thunder were in the midst of getting clobbered by the Nuggets (final margin was 29, but the Denver lead was above 40 points at times during the game) and Scott Brooks saw fit to give E some burn. Thomas entered with [...]

Ah the sweet taste of freedom (Pro Update 2-21-10)

Guess who’s out on work-release!

That’s right, kids, it’s our old pal Damone Brown. His felony money-laundering charge, as far as I can tell via the internet, has not gone to trial or been otherwise resolved yet, but in the meantime he’s out of jail and playing ball in his hometown. Damone signed on with the [...]

Who do you love?? (Pro Update 1-21-10)

So I spent the end of my last post getting all concerned about the challenge of SU facing Marquette, and they go and lay a steaming pile against DePaul last night, letting the Blue Demons finally end their 24-game Big East losing streak. I guess you never know in this business.
Anyway. Much has happened in [...]

in the market for a closer

Before I write this post — which could be perceived as daring to utter a negative word after a win on the road against a top ten team — let me make it absolutely clear that this team is crazy ill smooth buttah good.  Like, really, really good.  Beyond good; well into the realm of [...]

Pro Update 1-11-10

Welcome to 2010 everyone! It’s been a long hard slog through the autumn months. Loads of stuf has continued to crop up and prevent me from doing what I love — that is, scraping the farthest corners of the internet for crumbs of information about former Syracuse basketball players who are now making their living [...]

Another All 00’s Team

No, I don’t mean a team made up entirely of Rick Jacksons.

Inspired by TNIAAM’s extensive review of the decade in Syracuse football (broken down by best games, worst games, QBs, RBs, WRs) I’m pleased to present my Cuse Country SU Men’s Basketball All-Decade Teams. It’s slightly different from football because of the way basketball seasons [...]

It’s no Siena but it’ll do

Syracuse fans with even a modicum of cranial capacity will remember Jonny Flynn’s first-ever game in an Orange uniform: 28 points and 9 assists vs. Siena back in ‘07, setting a record for points scored in a Syracuse debut. Well, last night was Jonny’s first game as a Minnesota Timberwolf, and while he did not [...]