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Pitt-cher Perfect

OK, this is now the twentieth winning game recap in a row I’ve written. By now you know the drill:

Description of my personal game-watching experience that is relevant only to me
Statement of obvious factoids and game trends that have been thoroughly discussed on other sites
Nugget of insight that I self-importantly feel has been under-reported elsewhere [...]

Ladies and gentlemen, CJ Fair

The game isn’t over yet but I couldn’t wait.

Who on this Syracuse team would you want on your side in a knife fight?

When it comes to Syracuse basketball, I’m typically a creature of brazen overconfidence. Every preseason I get that “this could be the year” feeling that only blossoms as we mow through mid-major opponents and preseason tournaments in November and December. Then, over the course of every season, they provide the full dramatic range of hope, [...]

It would have been fitting

Was I the only one hoping that K-Ong would finish his final home game in the most appropriate way — by fouling out? After that double-technical, as a result of which he picked up his fourth, I figured it was only a matter of time. But JB sat him down with about five minutes left. [...]

The #1 Reason to Get Pumped for Basketball Season

Get pumped!!

So, Midnight Madness is taking place tomorrow. (Even though the team has been practicing for a week… um, ok.) All month we’ve been counting the reasons to get pumped for basketball season. We’ve gotten pumped about the players, the opponents, the new rules, the history, and even the many faces of Jim Boeheim. We’ve [...]

Ten reasons I’m really pumped about the ‘08-’09 team

It’s June, and I have to admit, I can’t stop thinking about next year’s college basketball season. So here are ten reasons why I love this team we’ve got coming in:
10. The unfathomable experience jump
It blows my mind that it’s possible for us to go from last year, where the main roster players had a [...]

Another exclusive photo

Looking at this picture from the game against Rhode Island, can you believe that there was an outcome other than us winning? Me neither. 

Tasty Slam Dunks

So, I had a friend who went to the Fordham game and he told me I *must* check out Donte Greene’s alleyoop dunk and also Paul Harris’s windmill jam in the last few seconds. They haven’t made it to Youtube yet but this clip of WIXT-9’s postgame report shows both of them, and they are [...]