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Not with a bang, but with a whimper

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: “Too many missed layups.”
I suppose it’s a tribute to how well the team came together without Fab that I am severely disappointed in tonight’s outcome. There is no shame to losing to Ohio State, of course, even had the team been at full [...]

Are you ready to rumble??!?

So here we are. Approximately four hours from tip-off against Ohio State for a chance to go to the Final Four. If you don’t already have those familiar pre-game nervous giddy shakes then I don’t know what to tell you. (This applies to fans only, not any players who may be doing a little light [...]

It’s clobberin’ time!

So I pop over to My Yahoo to check my fantasy football team and behold the content that has arrived:

Halleluia and Hail Boeheim! The basketball schedule is complete! To quote a wise philosopher, “Let’s get it started in here.”
The full schedule can be found here. The highlights:
Coaches vs. Cancer in MSG on Nov 19/20. We [...]

The thrills don’t stop

Which is more ridiculous: a single six-overtime game or four consecutive overtime games?

Maggie Befort

Fans of the Syracuse University field hockey team have been getting their money’s worth, as the team’s last four games have all gone into overtime. The Orange went 3-1 in these games, defeating #9 Old Dominion and #7 Michigan State this past [...]

Get your tickets now

SU will play in MSG next fall as part of the Coaches vs Cancer tournament. Like this year’s CBE, they’ll be in the “semifinals” in New York no matter what happens in the first two games at the Dome, along with UNC, Cal, and our MSG nemesis from last season Ohio St.

My father didn’t fight in the Blog Wars. He was a navigator on a spice freighter.

A few days ago we had a little fun with Sean over at TNIAAM, sparking a cheerful blog war over the relative importance of football vs basketball at SU — historically, currently, etc — and which sport SU fans value more (and, tangentially, whether the Big East should remain basketball oriented or make drastic changes [...]

Wins, losses, strange bedfellows

Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis has a really interesting column today looking at who’s rooting for whom with conference play just over the horizon. The conceit is simple: Unless you’re a mortal lock to make the Field of 65, you’ve to cross your fingers and hope your tough wins in November and December still look good [...]

my idea for a new motivational tactic on defense

Here’s what I think: I think the offensive statistics from the UMass box score should not count for SU’s guys. I think that any time you play defense as awful as that, you shouldn’t be able to reap the stat-stuffing rewards of a free for all. In a vacuum, almost every Syracuse player comes [...]

a winning formula

Some thoughts while watching Jason Hart lock people up at the top of Jerry Sloan’s zone defense…
Of many bizarre aspects of the SU-Washington box score, the free throw shooting disparity stood out the most. SU attempted an astounding 52 free throws in that game, while the Huskies only were granted 19 tries. I’m sure Lorenzo [...]

it ain’t rocket science

There’s only one thing worth talking about after last night’s game against Ohio State.
I don’t want to hear about Jonny Flynn’s Oh-fer, I don’t want to hear about bricking open threes. I don’t want to hear about lack of bench production, I don’t want to hear about untimely turnovers. Nobody need bother talk to me [...]