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SEC: don’t think I didn’t notice that weak sauce

I was planning a nice long trash talking post after the Big East trounced the SEC in the inaugural Big East-SEC Invitational last week, but then SU lost to RI and I lost all my momentum. But I’m back on the ball now, so I’d like to stress that those boys from the SEC are [...]

Another exclusive photo

Looking at this picture from the game against Rhode Island, can you believe that there was an outcome other than us winning? Me neither. 


After watching the Rhode Island game with my brother, he has called it right now: we are going to the NIT this year. With two home losses to the A-10, plus the loss to Ohio State (who hasn’t looked so good since then), and the Big East generally not making much non-conference noise in December, [...]

New (exclusive!) photos

A new exclusive photo of my man Jonny Flynn from our Cuse Country floor contributor.

FYI, the last time we posted an exclusive photo, it ended up as Paul Harris’ photo on his facebook page.

Concerned About Cockiness

Let me go on record as being worried about tonight’s game against Rhode Island. Troy Nunes has already given this game a good preview analysis, and the Three Idiots have given us a complete breakdown of the pros and cons associated with the Rams. So it naturally remains for us to contribute our trademarked brand [...]

Wins, losses, strange bedfellows

Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis has a really interesting column today looking at who’s rooting for whom with conference play just over the horizon. The conceit is simple: Unless you’re a mortal lock to make the Field of 65, you’ve to cross your fingers and hope your tough wins in November and December still look good [...]