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fear and paranoia

I’ll be honest with you: when Syracuse is a high seed in the tournament, I get very little joy at watching the amazing upsets that annually bedevil the power teams and delight audiences everywhere. Watching Villanova play utterly awful basketball and require a borderline miracle to escape Robert Morris wasn’t fun for me, nor was [...]

helping to push Josh’s “concern” post further down in the hopes that no one reads it

The first thing I noticed from the Robert Morris box score was Triche’s 7 assists and Scoop’s 9 (!).  Damn impressive at first, but then I spotted Andy Rautins’ line and realized the team had been blessed with one of those Andy Rautins Games. When he gets in that zone, he’s a dream for a [...]


Well I am always happy to be wrong. That was a nice thorough beatdown of a team that is a legit opponent. Not quite mid-major, but tournament-worthy and not at all a pushover. The zone looks like it is going to be an absolute menace this year. I loved how active it was. Even when [...]


I’m not going to go so far as to call the upset tonight, but I am definitely shifting uncomfortably in my chair at the all-too-possible prospect of the Orange losing to Robert Morris.
RMU went to the Big Dance last season.
RMU has played in the Dome recently (2008 NIT) and won’t be intimidated by the environment.
RMU [...]

The NIT Experience

In a moment I will get down to the business of calculating the Day 1 standings for the Cuse Country NIT Bracket Challenge — also now to be known as “March Sadness” (thanks Daz!) But first, some thoughts on tonight’s win over Robert Morris. Many of you know (or have gleaned) that I am a [...]