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What’s going on

Mainly, this:

That’s right, I done got me some Sweet Sixteen tickets. Two, to be precise, as a birthday gift from my incredibly generous family. I have never seen SU play an NCAA tournament game in person. This is going to be amazing, even though my nose will almost certainly be bleeding. You can expect some [...]

Syracuse in sweet sixteen vs… Buffalo?

Not only have the Syracuse Orange demolished lesser competition to advance to the regional semifinals, but so has the City of Syracuse in the Weather Channel’s “Toughest Weather City” 2013 tournament. We defeated Roanoke, VA and their piddly 20 inches of annual snowfall in the first round of the Northeast bracket and got by storm-blasted [...]

“Pick With Your Heart” bracket challenge returns!

This is how your NCAA bracket should look:

You should never have an incentive to root against Syracuse. And so, we here at Cuse Country have decided to revive our “Pick With Your Heart” bracket challenge. It’s free to enter, there are prizes available, and the only rule is this:
You must pick Syracuse to win the [...]

One more bracket contest you are required to enter

Several times in the past, Cuse Country has run bracket contests. Well we aren’t doing one this year, partly because I still haven’t mailed out the prizes from last year. I found them a couple of months ago sitting in a box in the basement, having been banished there “temporarily” during a spring cleaning and [...]

“Pick With Your Heart” Results

There are no losers here, only a bunch of people who didn’t win anything. And a few who did. Let’s go to the videotape!

“Pick With Your Heart” Standings - Final Four Edition

It’s coming down to the wire in the Cuse Country “Pick With Your Heart” Bracket Challenge. Since everyone was required to pick Syracuse as their champions, there is really only one game left to decide the contest winners. The outcome of the Duke-WVU game will be the final datum that will distinguish the playaz from [...]

“Pick With Your Heart” Contest Prize List

As promised, it’s time to announce the fabulous prizes for the inaugural “Pick With Your Heart” bracket challenge. In case you missed it, we decided to run a bracket contest with one main rule: in order to participate, you must choose Syracuse to win the whole thing. Also, you could earn bonus points for picking [...]

“Pick With Your Heart” Standings - Sweet 16 Edition

Last week before the tournament tipped off we announced a bracket contest called “Pick With Your Heart” in which all entrants were required to pick Syracuse as their national champ. We received over 100 entries, and the competition is fierce.
Currently in first place with 60 points is Chris Smith, who picked 39 of 48 games [...]

fear and paranoia

I’ll be honest with you: when Syracuse is a high seed in the tournament, I get very little joy at watching the amazing upsets that annually bedevil the power teams and delight audiences everywhere. Watching Villanova play utterly awful basketball and require a borderline miracle to escape Robert Morris wasn’t fun for me, nor was [...]

Cuse Country’s “Pick With Your Heart” Bracket Challenge

It’s the time of year when brackets are flying fast and furious off of Xerox machines in offices nationwide, as well as popping up on every corner of the Internet. We here at Cuse Country have in the past added to the mayhem in our own special way. We ran our own NIT bracket challenges [...]