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fear and paranoia

I’ll be honest with you: when Syracuse is a high seed in the tournament, I get very little joy at watching the amazing upsets that annually bedevil the power teams and delight audiences everywhere. Watching Villanova play utterly awful basketball and require a borderline miracle to escape Robert Morris wasn’t fun for me, nor was [...]

they’ve got a sick sense of humor, but I’ll take the #1

Quick hit reactions on the bracket here on Monday morning in China:

The committee must have some kind of sadistic streak to pair us with Vermont. Not that I fear a repeat performance from 2005, but the amount of flashback highlights we’re going to have to endure is not something I look forward to. And there’s [...]

Barry’s picks

Obama’s brackets are up on, which is awesome in and of itself. But especially awesome is that the prez’s relatively vanila picks in the elite eight feature just one pick off the chalk: Syracuse. He picked all #1 and #2 seeds to make the regional finals, plus us. Holla!
Here are the brackets, which feature [...]

bubbles popping left and right

This is a little embarrasing for the Big East, but after all the talk it looks like only seven teams are going to be dancing in a couple weeks. All those concerns about the league eating its own turned out to be valid, but not in the way that people thought. Rather than all the [...]


We’re back in the national rankings in both polls, coming it at exactly 25th each time. More importantly, Joe Lunardi has us as a 6 seed, we’ve essentially locked ourselves into a winning record in the ridonkulous Big East, our RPI and SOS are looking strong, and there are only two games to go.
It all [...]

win and in

It’s anticlimactic, there’s no glamor involved, the opponent is neither interesting nor familiar, and no ones going to storm the court. But in reality, if we beat Cincinnati tomorrow, we will seal our invitation to the NCAA Tournament.
There comes a time in each NCAA-worthy season when a team truly becomes a “lock”. People have referred [...]

September Madness

Just got this in an email forward. Amusing I suppose. I’m always glad when college basketball can provide an analogy to help the country understand its own economic meltdown.
Did I say ‘glad’? I meant terrified.

Joe Lunardi: perhaps not a hater anymore?

Got this tidbit off of CuseAdelphia, which made a trip to the rejuvenation machine.
Joe Lunardi’s extremely early Bracketology projections for the 2008-2009 season is a smorgasbord of Big East love. He has fully nine (count ‘em, 9) Big East teams in the dance next year, including, of course, a triumphant return for Syracuse. The nine [...]

A Youtube is worth a thousand blog posts

Wait for it… wait for it…



That splatting sound you heard last night was the University of Maryland men’s basketball team getting flattened by Virginia. Sunday’s ACC action also featured Virginia Tech (who were the topic of conversation in this space a couple days ago) losing at #24 Clemson on a pair of free throws with 4 seconds left. Not [...]