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With or without Noel

I try not to get too hyped up about potential recruits. Once a guy has made his decision to play for Jim Boeheim, I’ll pore over the most minute of details about his game, style, personality, haircut, anything. But until then, I try to keep my distance. I’d rather not invest too much, getting all [...]

Señor Leadership

With about 7 minutes left in the first half of last night’s game, SU led Providence by a slim 15-12 margin. PC had the ball after a turnover by Michael Carter-Williams. At this point, Jim Boeheim inserted Scoop Jardine back into the game. After PC hit a pair of free throws, Scoop assisted on SU’s [...]

Oh, what fun it is to ride…

How much fun was THAT!!!

I’ll stop just short of saying that was a “statement game” for SU, since it was Seton Hall and not, say, Louisville. But damn, what a thorough whuppin’ that was. Any time you take a conference opponent behind the woodshed like that, you know things are going right for you. I [...]

Ah! Basketball!

Tonight it was as if I was waking up from a six-month coma. Once again there was Syracuse basketball to be had. Real, live Syracuse University hoops, against an actual* opponent. So what if the result didn’t count for beans, so what if there were under 9,000 at the Dome, and so what if Mookie [...]

They are merely Fair Waiters, not great ones

Six games in and the puns have been laid on thick already when it comes to C J Fair. The ridiculous dunk last night led to a bunch of “Man, that was just unFair” and other obvious blobs of text. I thought to myself “I’m still waiting for the Waiters puns to start flying.” (For [...]

Light: 1, Darkness: 0

For the first time this season, I’m legitimately frustrated to be 10,000 miles away from any television showing an SU game. I hate to miss these rare opportunities to watch SU speak the basketball gospel to a godless ACC squad. Granted Georgia Tech rarely emerges as a high profile ACC representative, but any member of [...]

Where have I heard that word before…?

Canisius game in the books. Almost a carbon-copy of the Northern Iowa game: ugly first half on offense, then the team breaks out to start the 2nd half and methodically pulls away. There would be lots of different things to talk about from this game if it were not for a very early-season hammer dropped [...]

Squeeze my LeMoyne (til’ the juice run down my leg)

You know times are tough in the Cuse Country pun-making division when we are reduced to referencing blues songs from the 30s.

Very nice effort from the boys the other night against LeMoyne. After the first exhibition, I ran down how the team had actually fared poorly in two of the three preseason Areas Of Primary [...]

Fresh Kutz

So, SU handled their biz last night against Kutztown. And I didn’t get to see it. Sadly, I don’t get TWS or SNY down here in Washington. I would have splurged for the online subscription to but for the fact that I work on Tuesday nights and wasn’t going to be home between 7 [...]

The first Tuesday in November

It’s an important day today, everyone. Months of preparation, countless hours spent in the tireless pursuit of a dream, and it all begins tonight. Around 9pm EST the results will be in, and we will be witnessing the first steps on the path towards a truly historic time for our nation. I speak, of course, [...]