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fear and paranoia

I’ll be honest with you: when Syracuse is a high seed in the tournament, I get very little joy at watching the amazing upsets that annually bedevil the power teams and delight audiences everywhere. Watching Villanova play utterly awful basketball and require a borderline miracle to escape Robert Morris wasn’t fun for me, nor was [...]

my new hero

Just a quick post while I watch Kansas dismantle the #5 team in the country (I fear they may peel away some number 1 votes from us next week regardless of the outcome of the Louisville game).
I wanted to make sure everyone saw the winner of the Post Standard’s ‘Beat ‘Nova’ Photo Challenge:

Congrats to Emily [...]

looks good, feels good

I gotta say, this:

looks much better than this, from a few weeks ago:

Soak it in people, soak it in!

reveal thyself, mysterious benefactor!

I grant that being #2 in the AP poll — so close to glory we can taste it — is more exciting than the Coaches poll relegating us to #3 (that’s soooo last week).  However, it’s worth noting that SU received a solitary glorious FIRST PLACE VOTE in said Coaches poll, and it behooves me [...]

in the market for a closer

Before I write this post — which could be perceived as daring to utter a negative word after a win on the road against a top ten team — let me make it absolutely clear that this team is crazy ill smooth buttah good.  Like, really, really good.  Beyond good; well into the realm of [...]

lucky 13

Of all the many, many things that have gone so incredibly well for Syracuse basketball over the past week, our leap in the final regular season rankings probably doesn’t loom large in the average fan’s consciousness. Nor would it for me — rankings don’t mean squat once the committee makes its judgment and the Dance [...]

win and in

It’s anticlimactic, there’s no glamor involved, the opponent is neither interesting nor familiar, and no ones going to storm the court. But in reality, if we beat Cincinnati tomorrow, we will seal our invitation to the NCAA Tournament.
There comes a time in each NCAA-worthy season when a team truly becomes a “lock”. People have referred [...]

bring me in off the ledge

We need this one tonight. If only for our own mental health.
Memphis is ranked 15th and 14th in the polls.  Kansas is ranked 24th and 21st, and 7-0 in the Big 12.  Florida is 19-4, leading the SEC East and knocking on the door of the rankings. So why are we spiraling out of control [...]

moving on

The USF game is over and behind us. 2-0 in the Big East is 2-0 in the Big East. 14-1 is 14-1. A road win is a road win. What happened in the second half of that game is inconsequential. How unbelievably horrendous we looked is inconsequential.
For those concerned about our team, consider this: #10 [...]

3 for 3: My favorite stats from the FL, KU, and VA games

Free throws are turning into a major strength for the 2008-2009 Syracuse Orange.
Seriously, hear me out.
I realize that as a team we’re shooting a mediocre 66%, but there’s more to free throw shooting than your success rate once you get there. There’s also the rate that you get to the line to begin with. Check [...]