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James Southerland getting in foul trouble was not the reason Syracuse lost last night. While his absence may have accelerated the process, the sad truth is that Louisville would have worn down the Orange with or without him.
The game reminded me a lot of the 2009 BET final between these same two teams. So I [...]

Who on this Syracuse team would you want on your side in a knife fight?

When it comes to Syracuse basketball, I’m typically a creature of brazen overconfidence. Every preseason I get that “this could be the year” feeling that only blossoms as we mow through mid-major opponents and preseason tournaments in November and December. Then, over the course of every season, they provide the full dramatic range of hope, [...]

Blasts from the pasts

So yes, I spent the afternoon watching two old Syracuse games on ESPN Classic. I saw their noon and 2pm offerings. It wasn’t how I intended to spend my afternoon, but once I found out about the airings I knew my errands would have to wait. The noon game was a win over Notre Dame [...]

The thrills don’t stop

Which is more ridiculous: a single six-overtime game or four consecutive overtime games?

Maggie Befort

Fans of the Syracuse University field hockey team have been getting their money’s worth, as the team’s last four games have all gone into overtime. The Orange went 3-1 in these games, defeating #9 Old Dominion and #7 Michigan State this past [...]

Justin Thomas likes gum

I just can’t stop thinking and reading about last night’s game. I should be working. But I just can’t stop.

Conspiracy theory

From the comments below the primary game story on the P-S SU Hoops blog:

It’s all Buffalo Wild Wings’ fault.

Well said, Mr./Ms. “Deuce4Cuse”. I’m intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Just amazing

My god. That was fucking historical.

Looks something like this

A chart showing who led throughout the game, and by how much. (Something’s screwy with the spacing, but I’m too tired to adjust it right now. Come on, who knew we’d ever need 6 OTs?)

Bang it here for the interactive archive of the games this season and more.