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The Kids Are Alright

If you told me that Triche and MCW combined to shoot 4-20 from the floor, James Southerland didn’t play, and SU got outrebounded by 6 while scoring only 6 fast-break points and shooting under 30% from distance, I’d say there was no way this team won that game. But that’s because until now we didn’t [...]

Did Syracuse really just win a game at the free throw line?

I saw it with my eyes and still don’t believe it. What’s next, the government minting a trillion-dollar coin?
I’ll take the road win, and I’ll take the strong interior play of Fair and Christmas which is what really carried the day. Those guys stepped up when they really needed to. CJ, nicely done as usual; [...]

Coaching. We has it.

There is a reason that Jim Boeheim has won more games than any other coach not named Krwzyzywrzyzski. It’s not that his schedules are loaded with puffery (they’re not, at least no more than your typical powerhouse program). It’s not that he’s able to routinely stack the roster with multiple McDonald’s All-Americans (there have been [...]


There is nothing quite like a visit from Central Connecticut State to cure what ails you. After two consecutive poor outings (and you can include the last eight minutes of the Detroit game in there as well) it was refreshing to see things go right for the Orange. Shots going in, from everywhere. Coleman and [...]

Some things that there are not 900 of

Varsity lettermen in SU men’s basketball history (642)
Points scored by Marius Janulis in his SU career (889)
Assists by Jason Hart in his SU career (709)
Wins by Syracuse football since the beginning of time (686)
Calories in a Big Mac (550)
3-pt attempts by Andy Rautins in his SU career (754)
Years since the Magna Carta was issued (797)
Points [...]

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye

But nobody lost an eye tonight, therefore it was indeed all fun and games.
Credit to Monmouth for coming out strong early and keeping the game close, giving SU a few haymakers of their own to start with. They are quick and looked well-prepared to handle the press (most of the time) and were not afraid [...]

The 49ers

In the second half of Monday’s game against Eastern Michigan, Syracuse rode their full court press to a whopping 49 points. Tonight, in came the 49ers of Long Beach State. And in the first half, SU once again poured in 49 points, this time on the strength of a welcome barrage of three-pointers and 50% [...]

The Shut It Down Process

Holding the opponent under 30% shooting? Check.
Forcing 25 turnovers? Check.
Allowing five points over the final 15 minutes of the first half? Check.
Sing it with Coach Murphy now:

From the first few games, it looks like Syracuse will win this season through defense first. They do have a number of guys who are capable of a scoring [...]


My ability to watch early-season SU basketball has been severely limited so far by the thugs at ESPN. They are still “namelessly” producing the TWCS telecasts (as far as I’ve been able to tell) but they are no longer offering them on their video streaming site. Meanwhile the DC-area local cable sports channel MASN — [...]

Oh yeah, the Wagner game

This game was not televised in the DC area, nor was it available on ESPN3 after the fact, so I was unable to view even a moment of its splendor. All I can reliably glean from the box score is that Triche continues to be the man, the outside shooting is still quite streaky, the [...]