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The streak survives

Syracuse basketball has once again guaranteed a winning season. That’s 44(!!) seasons in a row without a loss.
Once again I will shout it into the internet where nobody will hear it:
Here is your annual proof: a screen shot taken from the NCAA record [...]

Disappointed but not devastated

Those of us who are also fans of the New York Metropolitans vividly recall the final game of the 2007 regular season. The Mets were in the throes of their historic collapse (historic at least until the Red Sox last season) but still had a chance on the last Sunday, with Tom Glavine taking the [...]

Oh come on. AGAIN??

This is getting ridiculous. Syracuse plays what seems like their 86th consecutive nailbiter and somehow they come out on top. Yet again. What else is new.
Remember about halfway through the season when we were all wondering how SU would respond in a close game, because they had been basically blowing everyone out of the [...]

Regarding the silvery benches

This morning I read this article in the NY Times about how the student section at Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium is almost never full these days. The school has been selling the excess capacity to non-students, so the games are still sold out. But the article (which is well worth your time) notes that they [...]

Slowly streaking

Having defeated Providence, SU now has 16 wins on the season. Though I may be tempting the sports gods, I feel fairly confident in saying that the Orange will win at least one more game this year. Once they reach that 17-win mark, they will have assured themselves of another winning season. This means that [...]

An unfortunate side effect of UConn’s postseason run

Forget for a moment how much more insufferable Connecticut fans will be if they win a third championship tomorrow night. There’s also this: Jim Boeheim had finally put a little bit of space between himself and Jim “Atmosphere of Non-compliance” Calhoun on the all-time wins list. Thanks in large part to UConn’s deservedly terrible season [...]

Taking it for granted

The USF game showed us the Orange we so vividly recall from December. Dominance inside by Jackson. Brief spurts of competence by the otherwise ineffective centers. Brandon Triche playing well for a while, then disappearing for long stretches. Excellent point guard play, but only when said guards were focused and under control. Whenever they started [...]

And the streak lives on!

In dispatching St. John’s tonight, the Syracuse University men’s basketball program recorded its 1800th win all-time. But you know that, because it was on TV and will probably be in the paper and all that. But what you may have not realized is that, by winning their 17th game of the season, SU has [...]

Big East Conference review, part 2

As promised, here’s the second half of my survey of the Big East “preseason” results. For the first seven teams, see my previous post. This post will cover the exploits of the nine teams predicted by the coaches to finish in the top…uh, eight. I’ll quote myself from the last post to explain [...]

Rutgers sets attendance records too

Having twice purchased tickets to the RAC to see SU play Rutgers, I have ended up on the Rutgers Athletics email spam list. Today my inbox was graced with an email from that list with the subject line “Rutgers World Record Attempt”. I assumed they were simply breaking the record for “Most Consecutive Seasons Coached [...]