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Coaching. We has it.

There is a reason that Jim Boeheim has won more games than any other coach not named Krwzyzywrzyzski. It’s not that his schedules are loaded with puffery (they’re not, at least no more than your typical powerhouse program). It’s not that he’s able to routinely stack the roster with multiple McDonald’s All-Americans (there have been [...]

Syracuse’s Big East Basketball Schedule

Here it is, plus some commentary:
1/2 Rutgers: nice “warm-up game” to open the season. RU is improving but still not in SU’s weight class.
1/6 @ USF: identical to above, but on the road.
1/9 @ Providence: Final visit to Providence, home of Big East HQ.
1/12 Villanova: Glad their final Dome visit is on a Saturday [...]

Big East Conference review, part 2

As promised, here’s the second half of my survey of the Big East “preseason” results. For the first seven teams, see my previous post. This post will cover the exploits of the nine teams predicted by the coaches to finish in the top…uh, eight. I’ll quote myself from the last post to explain [...]

Big East Conference review, part 1

I did this a couple times in the past and people found it useful, so I’m going to get back on the horse and do it again. Here’s the concept:
Once it’s go time for conference play around the nation, I like to take a quick look at how the 16 teams in the Big East [...]

The 2010-11 basketball schedule is lying to me (thankfully)

Every year when the SU hoop schedule is released, I immediately open my wall calendar day planner Outlook scheduler iCal and mark down the dates of the games. And I keep an eye out for the road-trippable contests. The Cuse Country staff, most of whom are located in DC and NYC, meet up at several [...]