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James Southerland getting in foul trouble was not the reason Syracuse lost last night. While his absence may have accelerated the process, the sad truth is that Louisville would have worn down the Orange with or without him.
The game reminded me a lot of the 2009 BET final between these same two teams. So I [...]

…and Georgetown still sucks!

I don’t, in this post’s title, refer to their basketball team, which is quite talented and clearly has SU dominated this year. I give the team all the credit in the world for the whooping they laid down on the Orange. It was painful to watch, especially in person, helpless in the upper deck. I [...]

When life intervenes

You may have noticed that this space has been silent for the past six weeks. Unfortunately, things have happened which have conspired to rob me of the many hours a week I used to have available to put into this blog. I had a Villanova postgame autopsy all put together in my head but was [...]

Not with a bang, but with a whimper

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: “Too many missed layups.”
I suppose it’s a tribute to how well the team came together without Fab that I am severely disappointed in tonight’s outcome. There is no shame to losing to Ohio State, of course, even had the team been at full [...]

Natti D’oh!

Wow. That is not how I expected SU’s 2012 Big East Tournament run to end. It’s not that they lost to Cincinnati. The Bearcats are one of those teams that is very good when they are “on”, but you just never know if they are going to bring it on any given day. But I [...]

A perfect storm

I know this is late but I had a crazy weekend and just now got around to watching the sad, sad events of Saturday evening. I’m in this weird emotional state of alternating between pissed off and serene… and both for essentially the same reasons.
Let’s face it. SU laid a stinker and their opponent capitalized [...]

What went wrong

Scattered thoughts. I’m not up to doing a coherent analysis, and I’d rather get this out of the way so that I don’t have to think about it tomorrow:


And now, we wait.

Bullet points!

I refuse to pick on Scoop for taking a contested three with around 15 seconds left in OT, down by three points. When the kid hits the clutch shots we saw at the end of regulation, he has earned the right to take another.
I was very impressed by UConn’s energy level, considering how much [...]

Real quick

I spent this past weekend getting down in Saranac Lake (the town, not in the actual lake). I did take time out to watch the Louisville game, and nearly turned it off early in the 2nd half. I was glad I didn’t, but only marginally glad once the outcome was decided. At that moment I [...]