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The wandering Canadian (Pro Update January 2013)

As I sat around last night watching Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks go up against the Kris Joseph-free Celtics, I realized it’s time for another Pro Update. Here’s what’s been going on:
As mentioned above, Kris Joseph was cut by the Celtics earlier this month. In fact, he was cut just a few hours before his [...]

All your development are belong to SU (Pro Update Dec 2012)

It’s back! Your one-stop to learn all there is to know about former SU basketball players who are currently playing professionally somewhere or other. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the flexibility to put one of these together, so it’s a bit longer than usual. Plenty of content to peruse while you wait [...]

It’s getting drafty in here

And here is our less-than-24-hours-old-but-still-late-to-the-game NBA draft analysis.
Dion Waiters: What more can you say. The #4 pick in the draft. Well done young man. I’ve never heard of someone shooting up the draft boards so dramatically. Remember, when he declared for the pros, a large contingent of Orange nation was calling it a mistake. There [...]

Why I don’t hate Fab Melo

So on Thursday Fab Melo declared for the NBA draft, officially ending his Syracuse career (which had, of course, unofficially ended several weeks ago). The rumors are wild and varied about what, precisely, he did — or didn’t do — to get suspended. We will never get an official statement from the university about it. [...]

Fabulous no more

With Melo, SU is a #1 seed and a threat to win it all. Without him, they are still very good — I’d say still a top-20 caliber team — but no longer elite. I look at them now as basically a 4-seed. Assuming the unthinkable fails to happen tomorrow afternoon, they should still be [...]

Oh good.

Just what I needed to ruin the rest of my month.

Natti D’oh!

Wow. That is not how I expected SU’s 2012 Big East Tournament run to end. It’s not that they lost to Cincinnati. The Bearcats are one of those teams that is very good when they are “on”, but you just never know if they are going to bring it on any given day. But I [...]

Oh come on. AGAIN??

This is getting ridiculous. Syracuse plays what seems like their 86th consecutive nailbiter and somehow they come out on top. Yet again. What else is new.
Remember about halfway through the season when we were all wondering how SU would respond in a close game, because they had been basically blowing everyone out of the [...]

Apologies, and no apology

I am sorry to everyone who tuned in Monday night for Big East basketball and instead had to endure a Big Ten game instead.
I am sorry to the Louisville fans for having to suffer through the artistry of Jim Burr & Co. There were awful calls (and non-calls) on both sides, but it seemed to [...]

Oh what a relief it is

Now that’s more like it. That offense was sizzlin’ like bacon on a griddle. I’d like to thank UConn for their inability to play defense. After suffering through the Georgetown game, it was refreshing to see the offense clicking like we know it can. This is in fact credit to the Hoyas. Them dudes can [...]