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Bring it on

OK so I never got to write about the Temple game. I was home for the holidays and what with all the eating, family time, and eating I just never got around to it. What is there to say? They played like poop and lost. Hopefully they don’t play like poop again this year, but [...]

Make this happen.

To Daryl Gross and Oliver Luck, Esqs.
The Pinstripe Bowl matches up teams from the Big East and Big XII. Please, please make sure it is Syracuse vs. West Virginia.
Just think of it. This was the first season since 1955 that SU and WVU did not meet on the gridiron. 57 years. We can rectify [...]

A Bronx Tale

I know it’s been over 100 hours since the Pinstripe Bowl ended in Orange glory, and there has even been a basketball game since then (a particularly satisfying one which I might talk about later) but it’s only now — 2AM on a Tuesday morning — that I am finding time to chronicle my own [...]


Finally home from a thoroughly exhausting and exhilarating day at Yankee Stadium. A great, great win for the team and the program and the fans. And I only had to endure two ads for Yankees season tickets.
The word of the day is “Swins” because a graphic was showing on the Mediumtron (the smaller screen next [...]