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My ability to watch early-season SU basketball has been severely limited so far by the thugs at ESPN. They are still “namelessly” producing the TWCS telecasts (as far as I’ve been able to tell) but they are no longer offering them on their video streaming site. Meanwhile the DC-area local cable sports channel MASN — [...]

C is for cupcake

That’s good enough for me.
For some reason I didn’t notice this until starting to think about the Coppin State game. If you exclude Memphis (since they are not a cupcake), look at the December nonconference schedule that the athletic department got together:
Cleveland St.
Coppin St.
Cal State - Long Beach (their official name!)
Sure some of these teams [...]

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming

Now that we’re done disproving all the haters who always say we don’t play anyone before January, it’s nice to finally doing what we do best: Namely, ritually sacrificing vastly inferior opponents as we slowly build strength in preparation for world domination the Big East season.
But glancing at the box score, I can’t help but [...]

Halftime: Colgate 13, Paul Harris 13

(Oh, yeah. And Syracuse has 30 other points, too.)
Harris, and his rubberbanded afro, had a field day out there early in the game, taking the opportunity to pad the stats a little and shooting 6 for 8.
It’s nice to see Justin Thomas get some playing time. He’s missed some chances to take shots, opting instead to distribute the [...]

The “Get Pumped” Countdown #18: Sexiest non-conference schedule EVER

Q: What do the Florida Gators, the Memphis Tigers, and the Kansas Jayhawks have in common?
A: They make up the majority of the teams that have won or played for the National Championship over the past three seasons. Oh yeah, and Syracuse has a good chance at playing all three of them this season [...]

I’ve seen worse

Regarding the Colgate and Cornell games this week, it’s fashionable to stress how little we can learn from these games and to warn that victories mean nothing. I understand the sentiment behind that theory, and I agree with it in principle. But I think it’s important to have some perspective in terms of how much [...]

Sean Williams’ arms are seriously creepy

I wish I could find a photo that properly illustrates the jarring physical abnormality that is our new backup center. The Colgate game was a nice distraction and fun to watch for the most part, but I can’t lie: during the final eight minutes when Sean was in there, I have no idea what anyone [...]

not biology, not physics, but…

…Chemistry. That was the story of the Colgate game. Most SU fans outside of central NY probably weren’t able to see the game, but for us out-of-towners lucky enough to be blessed with a holy grail game-viewing hook up, we got to witness a scary lack of the aforementioned science. The first half was one [...]

Broken record

I find it hard to take many positives out of last night’s win over Colgate, other than that SU did not trail by 15 points midway through the first half. They still suffered from indifference to lesser opponents, leading to substandard effort for long stretches of the game. There continues to be a lack of [...]

Offensive rebounding (pun intended)

There really shouldn’t be much to say about the Colgate game. I’ll leave the obligatory Paul Harris freakout to someone else. But I feel compelled to point out that the Orange were beaten on the offensive glass 16 to 10. Last time I checked, Adonal Foyle moved on to the NBA about 10 years ago, [...]