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Big East Scoreboard Items Of Note

DePaul 84, Pitt 81
USF 74, Villanova 57 (at the Pavilion no less!)
Both Pitt and Nova are now 0-3 in conference play. In case you forgot, Pitt won the conference last year and was a 1 seed in the NCAAs. I know they lost some key guys from last year but Ashton Gibbs and four rocking [...]


Just a quick thing that’s been bouncing around in my head. I wanted to see if the seeding in the BET was affected at all by strength of schedule. What triggered this was looking at DePaul’s schedule and noticing that they played Cincinnati twice, and the Bearcats ended up with 11 conference wins to put [...]

The Big East is the muthaf***ing Hammer of Thor

As of right now, 19 of the top 25 teams in the country are from the Big East. In the RPI, 12 out of the top 10 teams are from the Big East. The Big East’s record against other BCS schools so far this season is 822-9.  Congress has mandated that league-based power-rankings produced by [...]

Big East Conference review, part 2

As promised, here’s the second half of my survey of the Big East “preseason” results. For the first seven teams, see my previous post. This post will cover the exploits of the nine teams predicted by the coaches to finish in the top…uh, eight. I’ll quote myself from the last post to explain [...]

Big East Conference review, part 1

I did this a couple times in the past and people found it useful, so I’m going to get back on the horse and do it again. Here’s the concept:
Once it’s go time for conference play around the nation, I like to take a quick look at how the 16 teams in the Big East [...]

Thanks, North Carolina

In case you haven’t been paying attention, UNC went 2-5 in January and are now a half-game out of last place in the ACC. So, I would like to thank them for being ranked so highly when SU beat them, in order to kick-start the buzz about the Orange program and the team’s confidence in [...]

R.P.I in ya eye

I’ll give you one guess who the #1 team in the country is according to the RPI.  Doug Gottlieb, please take note that our national Strength of Schedule ranking is a manly 8th.  So suck it.  Oh, and the Big East is the #1 conference.
Meanwhile, Ken Pomeroy — I shit you not — actually dropped [...]

bubbles popping left and right

This is a little embarrasing for the Big East, but after all the talk it looks like only seven teams are going to be dancing in a couple weeks. All those concerns about the league eating its own turned out to be valid, but not in the way that people thought. Rather than all the [...]


We’re back in the national rankings in both polls, coming it at exactly 25th each time. More importantly, Joe Lunardi has us as a 6 seed, we’ve essentially locked ourselves into a winning record in the ridonkulous Big East, our RPI and SOS are looking strong, and there are only two games to go.
It all [...]

win and in

It’s anticlimactic, there’s no glamor involved, the opponent is neither interesting nor familiar, and no ones going to storm the court. But in reality, if we beat Cincinnati tomorrow, we will seal our invitation to the NCAA Tournament.
There comes a time in each NCAA-worthy season when a team truly becomes a “lock”. People have referred [...]