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Coaching. We has it.

There is a reason that Jim Boeheim has won more games than any other coach not named Krwzyzywrzyzski. It’s not that his schedules are loaded with puffery (they’re not, at least no more than your typical powerhouse program). It’s not that he’s able to routinely stack the roster with multiple McDonald’s All-Americans (there have been [...]


Going to overtime, at home, against Rutgers? I know the Big East is ridiculously strong this year, and anyone can win on any given night afternoon, but Rutgers? Really?
The crazy part about that game was that it seemed like SU was actually playing reasonably well. There weren’t any glaring problems. Rutgers wasn’t draining ridiculous threes. [...]

Big East Conference review, part 1

I did this a couple times in the past and people found it useful, so I’m going to get back on the horse and do it again. Here’s the concept:
Once it’s go time for conference play around the nation, I like to take a quick look at how the 16 teams in the Big East [...]

More fun with MS Paint

And yes, I know this is a tired internet meme, sue me.

The ugliest beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

Syracuse 13, Rutgers 10.

Marrone’s boys are going bowling!

Just like the USF game, the offense played pretty badly all afternoon, and yet when everything was on the line they found an extra gear and imposed their will on the RU defense for a game-winning drive. I don’t know how they did it, but they did. I [...]

Rutgers sets attendance records too

Having twice purchased tickets to the RAC to see SU play Rutgers, I have ended up on the Rutgers Athletics email spam list. Today my inbox was graced with an email from that list with the subject line “Rutgers World Record Attempt”. I assumed they were simply breaking the record for “Most Consecutive Seasons Coached [...]

It’s clobberin’ time!

So I pop over to My Yahoo to check my fantasy football team and behold the content that has arrived:

Halleluia and Hail Boeheim! The basketball schedule is complete! To quote a wise philosopher, “Let’s get it started in here.”
The full schedule can be found here. The highlights:
Coaches vs. Cancer in MSG on Nov 19/20. We [...]

Syracusan’s Big East coach of the year: Jay Wright

There are two ways to pick a coach of the year, and neither one is particularly helpful in the Big East this year. Either you pick the one coach who’s team was so overwhelmingly dominant that they clearly did the best job, regardless of whether everyone expected them to win; or you pick the coach [...]

It would have been fitting

Was I the only one hoping that K-Ong would finish his final home game in the most appropriate way — by fouling out? After that double-technical, as a result of which he picked up his fourth, I figured it was only a matter of time. But JB sat him down with about five minutes left. [...]

softest team in the Big East?

Giving up 100 points or more in a regulation college basketball game is a humiliating event. Or it should be at any rate. It’s an event so incredibly disheartening and improbable that it should be one of the rarest occasions in the sport. Any modicum of effort on defense by any reasonable collection of half-way [...]