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With or without Noel

I try not to get too hyped up about potential recruits. Once a guy has made his decision to play for Jim Boeheim, I’ll pore over the most minute of details about his game, style, personality, haircut, anything. But until then, I try to keep my distance. I’d rather not invest too much, getting all [...]

Godspeed, Wesley. Godspeed.

Wes Johnson made official this afternoon what 99% of the universe expected. He’s declared for the NBA draft where he is a consensus top-ten pick, with an excellent chance of cracking the top five. Thanks Wes for one of the more memorable seasons in recent SU history. This year, with its unique story arc, will [...]

Mike Waters gets out in front of the story

I appreciate the fine work that Post-Standard reporters Mike Waters and Donna Ditota do on a day to day basis. They work hard, and they do an excellent job of bringing us the immediate story and up-to-the-minute info. But the fact is both are generally too busy to write up the kind of long-form, reflective, [...]

It’s never too early to get excited

Stumbled across an report this morning while waiting for the rinse cycle to end. Analyst Antonio Williams of Scouts Inc. reported his top five recruiting classes for 2010. That is, current juniors — not the guys coming in next year. Obviously a lot of players in that class have not committed anywhere, but some [...]

a 6′3″ Hakim Warrick

Big ups to Mike Waters for alerting us to this video. It’s future SU playmaker Dion Waiters commiting a balls-to-the-face dunk crime on some poor high school kid from Oak Hill Academy (itself an SU pipeline). It’s more than a little reminiscent of everyone’s favorite Royal Ivey moment. The difference is that Waiters is just [...]


The news for SU fans just keeps getting better:
Syracuse’s Class of 2010 ranked in’s Top 10 (Mike Waters)
Losing four seniors? No problem, we’ll just reload.

Quick Hits

Start your engines….

Family Ties: Brandon Triche is going to wear Orange. This is awesome news for at least three reasons. One, the kid is a Stud. 100% certified. Two, he plays a position — point guard — where we’re going to need someone relatively soon (unless you have more faith in Scoop Jardine than I [...]


Team USA had its way with Lithuania today, as the headline says “US Jumps Lithuania Early and Rolls On”. Sexxy. This was another exhibition tuneup for the Olympics. The USA has two more such games early next week, and then they will play their first official game on Aug 10 against China. So much for [...]

Wesley Johnson cometh

The weeks of rumors have been put to sleep and, as first reported by the Post-Standard, Wesley Johnson is transferring to SU from Iowa State. He’s a 6′7″ forward who was on the Big 12 All-Rookie Team after his freshman season in 06-07. His stats are intriguing: he averaged 12 points and 8 rebounds [...]

Ten reasons I’m really pumped about the ‘08-’09 team

It’s June, and I have to admit, I can’t stop thinking about next year’s college basketball season. So here are ten reasons why I love this team we’ve got coming in:
10. The unfathomable experience jump
It blows my mind that it’s possible for us to go from last year, where the main roster players had a [...]