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add Bob McClellan to the shit list

I thought this year we wouldn’t have to deal with articles like this one anymore. I found it on a little while back, and it’s essentially a point/counterpoint about whether we’re getting the NIT curse off our backs this year or not.
My how expectations have fallen during the off-season. Late last season there were [...]

The “Get Pumped” Countdown #3: Goodbye, NIT

We’ve been your Home Away From DomeTM for nearly two years now. And in all that time, the hands-down, far-and-away most popular post we’ve ever done was the introduction to last year’s NIT Bracket Challenge. If you google “NIT bracket,” it’s pretty frickin’ close to the top. And we’re proud of the success we’ve had [...]

NIT Bracket Challenge Standings, Days 3

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a front-runner.
Bracketeer Bishman scored a perfect 4-for-4 in NIT picks over the last few days, giving him a total of 23 of a possible 24 points to date, and sole posession of the lead in this still tightly-contested March Sadness Challenge. There were quite a few people who got all [...]

Bragging Rights

Before I talk about the Maryland game, I have to discuss a rather disturbing timeout routine featuring our beloved Otto. This may have been going on all year but Tuesday was the first night I witnessed it. Luckily on Thursday I was watching for it so that I could document it on film digital media. [...]

Oooooo, SLAM!

A real blow was dealt to the pride of the Orange as The Onion posted a picture of Arinze Onuaku playing against a bunch of rec league guys in their lead story, headlined “NIT still has 10 open slots if anyone wants to play.”

NIT Bracket Standings, Day 2

I love the smell of chalk in the morning!

Last night’s NIT action went almost entirely by the book. There was one mini-upset of #5 UAB over #4 PCU VCU. (By the way, now there is an actual PCU, although “actual” might be too strong a term.) Everything else was chalk chalk chalk. So there is [...]

What part of “Poll” don’t you understand?

The official website of the NIT is a fairly good production. There is a sidebar right on the main page with all the most relevant links; they don’t try to fancy it up with flashy interactive graphics or self-starting video boxes that glom up all but the newest operating systems (I’m looking at you, [...]

NIT Bracket Challenge Standings, Day One

What a night in the NIT!
Ok, not really. There was one major upset, Akron taking down Florida State in overtime. Otherwise it was essentially chalk, with the mild exception of 5-seed Maryland defeating 4-seed Minnesota. As a result, lots of NIT Brackets are in good shape so far, although only one entry got all 8 [...]

The NIT Experience

In a moment I will get down to the business of calculating the Day 1 standings for the Cuse Country NIT Bracket Challenge — also now to be known as “March Sadness” (thanks Daz!) But first, some thoughts on tonight’s win over Robert Morris. Many of you know (or have gleaned) that I am a [...]

March Sadness

It’s April already? For the second straight year, March ends early – like some sort of reverse Leap Year effect. It’s dead to me. March used to be such a good month, too. At least among the top ten months out there, year in and year out. And now? Nothing. March has nothing to offer. [...]