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2013 Syracuse Orange = 1995 New Jersey Devils

Bear with me here.
The analogy is far from exact, particularly because I’m not especially well-versed in hockey, but it’s been rattling around in my head since partway through the Marquette game when someone commented on how ugly the ballgame was. It was indeed ugly, but that’s because of Syracuse’s beautifully frustrating defense. And that got [...]


See you next week!


Many Certainly Wondered about Michael Carter-Williams’ ability to Make Cuse Win. But the Mighty Confident Way he Manhandled Crean’s Warriors last night — Making Crazy Winding layups and Multiple Challenging Willowy jump shots, and playing a Masterful, Crafty, Wondrous floor game — showed us all that the Man Can Work it on a Markedly Competitive, [...]

What’s going on

Mainly, this:

That’s right, I done got me some Sweet Sixteen tickets. Two, to be precise, as a birthday gift from my incredibly generous family. I have never seen SU play an NCAA tournament game in person. This is going to be amazing, even though my nose will almost certainly be bleeding. You can expect some [...]

Syracuse in sweet sixteen vs… Buffalo?

Not only have the Syracuse Orange demolished lesser competition to advance to the regional semifinals, but so has the City of Syracuse in the Weather Channel’s “Toughest Weather City” 2013 tournament. We defeated Roanoke, VA and their piddly 20 inches of annual snowfall in the first round of the Northeast bracket and got by storm-blasted [...]

Sweet again!

The Syracuse defense, when thrust upon poor, unsuspecting souls who have minimal preparation time, can be deadly. You saw it last night. On an evening when the Orange played far from their sharpest offensive game, the zone completely befuddled the entire Cal roster (and coaching staff), propelling SU back to the east coast for their [...]

Syracuse-Montana recap


Not with a bang, but with a whimper

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: “Too many missed layups.”
I suppose it’s a tribute to how well the team came together without Fab that I am severely disappointed in tonight’s outcome. There is no shame to losing to Ohio State, of course, even had the team been at full [...]

Are you ready to rumble??!?

So here we are. Approximately four hours from tip-off against Ohio State for a chance to go to the Final Four. If you don’t already have those familiar pre-game nervous giddy shakes then I don’t know what to tell you. (This applies to fans only, not any players who may be doing a little light [...]

Rolling in the deep

In so many ways, the word of the night is “deep”.
1. Wisconsin’s shooters were amazing from deep.
I solemnly swear I will never make fun of Wisconsin’s deliberate offense again. Bo Ryan had them coached up. They had a well-designed plan of attack against the zone and it frequently resulted in wide-open threes. (Too frequently.) [...]