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What I think of when I think of the University of Wisconsin

This is all I can think of when faced with the existence of the Wisconsin Badgers. It’s a flash animation. To preserve the sanity of our regular visitors, I’m going to make you click “more” to see it — otherwise it will auto-run every time someone loads our home page, and may drive that someone [...]

Thrive and advance

On Friday, describing (after the fact) the expectations I’d had for the UNC-Asheville game, I said this:
SU would probably have trouble early (like they usually do) and I’d be aggravated for no reason, until they turned on the gas at some point and pulled away to win by 15-20 points.
Turns out I was off by [...]


I didn’t watch it.
Let’s get that out of the way first. I didn’t see one moment of the Syracuse-UNCA game. A close friend had a crisis that began at roughly 2:30pm Thursday and I forewent watching the game to lend a supportive hand. I figured of all games to miss, this one would be OK. [...]

Fabulous no more

With Melo, SU is a #1 seed and a threat to win it all. Without him, they are still very good — I’d say still a top-20 caliber team — but no longer elite. I look at them now as basically a 4-seed. Assuming the unthinkable fails to happen tomorrow afternoon, they should still be [...]

Your very early and highly uninformed UNC-Asheville preview

I know nothing about UNC-Asheville, except that it is located in Asheville, NC. Let’s see what cumulative stats and box scores on the internet can tell us!
On the year they score 81.5 points per game, good for fifth nationally. A lot of this stems from the incredibly fast pace at which they play. They average [...]

Disappointed but not devastated

Those of us who are also fans of the New York Metropolitans vividly recall the final game of the 2007 regular season. The Mets were in the throes of their historic collapse (historic at least until the Red Sox last season) but still had a chance on the last Sunday, with Tom Glavine taking the [...]

That notorious Atlantic article and how it might relate to our current pain

Taylor Branch shook the world of college sports recently with the publication of a devastating attack on the NCAA’s system of exploitation against college athletes. The obfuscation, manipulation, hypocrisy, and general disingenuousness of almost everything the NCAA tries to do at the major sports level is truly disturbing.  He wrote the piece in The Atlantic, [...]

nothing makes sense

Enough time has passed since the gut-wrenching debacle against Marquette that I was finally able to stomach a curious glance at my online bracket picks — this being the first time I’d checked them closely since before the 2nd weekend of games.  The inexplicable results awaiting me speak to the insanity of what’s happened in [...]

A disturbing trend

In Syracuse’s six NCAA appearances since winning the title in 2003, only once have they been beaten by a higher-seeded team. The other five times, they have been legitimately upset:
2004: #5 SU loses to #8 Alabama
2005: #4 SU loses to #13 Vermont
2006: #5 SU loses to #12 Texas A&M
(2007 & 2008: NIT)
2009: #3 SU loses [...]

What went wrong

Scattered thoughts. I’m not up to doing a coherent analysis, and I’d rather get this out of the way so that I don’t have to think about it tomorrow: