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drink it up, kids

When a team has an extended run of success, it’s possible for a top ten ranking to become somewhat mundane. One simply gets used to it, and forgets the excitement other schools may feel in cracking that barrier of prestige. But I posit this: a number one ranking is something that can never get old. [...]


Just a quick thing that’s been bouncing around in my head. I wanted to see if the seeding in the BET was affected at all by strength of schedule. What triggered this was looking at DePaul’s schedule and noticing that they played Cincinnati twice, and the Bearcats ended up with 11 conference wins to put [...]

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Due to the vagaries of the Chinese higher education semester schedules, I’ve been on holiday for the last three weeks, mostly backpacking around Vietnam.  This left Josh to fly solo on CuseCountry — not a daunting task for him considering what a bunch of slackers us other contributors have become — but it also blessed [...]

First place votes!

One coach and eight journalists have just displayed what I like to call wisdom.

Side note: nine Big East teams in the full new AP poll, but oddly “only” seven in the coaches poll. Typically staggering numbers either way.

The Big East is the muthaf***ing Hammer of Thor

As of right now, 19 of the top 25 teams in the country are from the Big East. In the RPI, 12 out of the top 10 teams are from the Big East. The Big East’s record against other BCS schools so far this season is 822-9.  Congress has mandated that league-based power-rankings produced by [...]

Big East Conference review, part 2

As promised, here’s the second half of my survey of the Big East “preseason” results. For the first seven teams, see my previous post. This post will cover the exploits of the nine teams predicted by the coaches to finish in the top…uh, eight. I’ll quote myself from the last post to explain [...]

Light: 2, Darkness: 0

But I’d be a heck of a lot more impressed if NC State hadn’t just lost by 40 to an unranked team right before playing us. Life as a Syracuse fan has turned into one giant breath-holding exercise, as we all wait, cringing, for the other shoe to drop. Because drop it will, and it [...]

finding joy the old fashioned way…

…which is to say, finding joy in the other guy’s pain.  Lets focus on what matters in the recently released Post-Standard preseason writers poll on the upcoming Big East basketball season.  Sure, SU was picked to finish 3rd, which is a decent perch from which to begin the new campaign. No complaints there. But lets [...]

I stand before you in awe

Given the context — the importance, the opponent, the adversity, and the improbability — I’m inclined to think that the first 30 minutes of SU’s win against Gonzaga was the most impressive display I have ever seen from a Syracuse team.
I realize Gonzaga is not a top ten team, and that the final margin was [...]

looks good, feels good

I gotta say, this:

looks much better than this, from a few weeks ago:

Soak it in people, soak it in!