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When life intervenes

You may have noticed that this space has been silent for the past six weeks. Unfortunately, things have happened which have conspired to rob me of the many hours a week I used to have available to put into this blog. I had a Villanova postgame autopsy all put together in my head but was [...]

So much Cooney (SU beats Cincy)

In Syracuse’s last-minute, grinding win over Cincinnati on Monday, Jim Boeheim went with a three-guard lineup for a long, long stretch of the game. He ran it for the final two minutes of the first half, and then from the 16:30 mark of the 2nd half until around the 9:00 mark. Here, finally, SU felt [...]


OK, I thought the USS Midway was actually docked in port, not rolling around on the high seas. But it must have been unmoored and rocking to and fro on some major waves. How else to explain the utter slopfest that was yesterday’s Battle thereon? It hurt my eyes to watch, and not because I [...]

Oh come on. AGAIN??

This is getting ridiculous. Syracuse plays what seems like their 86th consecutive nailbiter and somehow they come out on top. Yet again. What else is new.
Remember about halfway through the season when we were all wondering how SU would respond in a close game, because they had been basically blowing everyone out of the [...]

Blundering Herd

That game was… how shall I put this…

Any time your opponent misses nine hundred shots (approximately) you expect to have a gigantic lead… unless, of course, that opponent is able to rebound close to half of those misses, and you find yourself unable to score yourself other than when you are on a fast break.
Watching [...]

Get your tickets now

SU will play in MSG next fall as part of the Coaches vs Cancer tournament. Like this year’s CBE, they’ll be in the “semifinals” in New York no matter what happens in the first two games at the Dome, along with UNC, Cal, and our MSG nemesis from last season Ohio St.

The Night The Defense Came To Town

After thorough analysis of the Orange’s recent defensive performances, especially our propensity to give up a benjamin worth of points, the boys showed up tonight.  Yes, Syracuse lost again to fall to 2-6 over their last eight games (they don’t call it the gauntlet for nothing), but the defense showed spark, hustle, and intensity right [...]

Deal = Real

Tomorrow I’ll whip together a more coherent and helpful analysis of the amazing events in Kansas City tonight (and yesterday), but it’s 1 AM on the east coast and I need to crash. However, I’d be remiss in going to sleep before announcing this fact — officially — to the world:
The Syracuse University basketball team [...]

1990 cheesy thriller starring Jeff Daniels and John Goodman

The leitmotif of today’s media coverage previewing the SU-Richmond game this evening is that this is a serious challenge for Syracuse and that we’d better be on our game or we’re looking at an L.  I’ll second that.
Here’s why we should worry: The Spiders are not a typical early season cupcake from a bullshit conference [...]

win at Louisville, then we’ll talk

I’ve led a charmed SU-viewing life this season. The past couple of weeks the games have been on Wednesday evenings, and I have grad school duties on Wednesday nights. These duties prevented me from catching anything but the last 5 minutes of the UConn and USF games. If you remember, against UConn and USF the [...]