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Did Syracuse really just win a game at the free throw line?

I saw it with my eyes and still don’t believe it. What’s next, the government minting a trillion-dollar coin?
I’ll take the road win, and I’ll take the strong interior play of Fair and Christmas which is what really carried the day. Those guys stepped up when they really needed to. CJ, nicely done as usual; [...]

Señor Leadership

With about 7 minutes left in the first half of last night’s game, SU led Providence by a slim 15-12 margin. PC had the ball after a turnover by Michael Carter-Williams. At this point, Jim Boeheim inserted Scoop Jardine back into the game. After PC hit a pair of free throws, Scoop assisted on SU’s [...]

Baptism by Friar

(which is probably something that actually happens, now that I think about it)
I want to publicly thank the Providence Friars Basketball Club Inc. for giving Syracuse a bit of a dogfight last night. They tested SU on both ends of the floor, and gave them a good solid Big East Conference road game challenge. Specifically, [...]


I would love to sit here and write multiple paragraphs about SU’s win over Providence — a game which I was able to attend in person, my first basketball game of the year (and the only one I’ll see at the Dome) — but I have to get my butt into my car and down [...]

Big East Conference review, part 1

I did this a couple times in the past and people found it useful, so I’m going to get back on the horse and do it again. Here’s the concept:
Once it’s go time for conference play around the nation, I like to take a quick look at how the 16 teams in the Big East [...]

Divine, Providence.

I say this because all the good “Friar” puns have already been taken by various Cuse blogs. It doesn’t really make sense, because PC was anything but divine on Tuesday night. They were, in fact, quite ordinary. I enjoyed their lack of interior defense (though not as much as Arinze and KrisJo did) and their [...]

Syracusan’s Big East coach of the year: Jay Wright

There are two ways to pick a coach of the year, and neither one is particularly helpful in the Big East this year. Either you pick the one coach who’s team was so overwhelmingly dominant that they clearly did the best job, regardless of whether everyone expected them to win; or you pick the coach [...]

bubbles popping left and right

This is a little embarrasing for the Big East, but after all the talk it looks like only seven teams are going to be dancing in a couple weeks. All those concerns about the league eating its own turned out to be valid, but not in the way that people thought. Rather than all the [...]

softest team in the Big East?

Giving up 100 points or more in a regulation college basketball game is a humiliating event. Or it should be at any rate. It’s an event so incredibly disheartening and improbable that it should be one of the rarest occasions in the sport. Any modicum of effort on defense by any reasonable collection of half-way [...]


First of all, yes I am still alive. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been present on the board here but I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled mayhem soon.
Second of all, that enormous breeze you felt up in Syracuse around 8:55pm last night was not just Dome air blowing people out [...]