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So much Cooney (SU beats Cincy)

In Syracuse’s last-minute, grinding win over Cincinnati on Monday, Jim Boeheim went with a three-guard lineup for a long, long stretch of the game. He ran it for the final two minutes of the first half, and then from the 16:30 mark of the 2nd half until around the 9:00 mark. Here, finally, SU felt [...]

Into the Cardinals’ nest: Cuse Country invades Louisville

The biggest SU fan I know moved to Louisville in October, and soon after he was settled in we made plans to attend this game. I got on a plane in Baltimore at noon and was in downtown Louisville by 2. A quick meal and a margarita at the Mexican restaurant across the street and [...]

Coaching. We has it.

There is a reason that Jim Boeheim has won more games than any other coach not named Krwzyzywrzyzski. It’s not that his schedules are loaded with puffery (they’re not, at least no more than your typical powerhouse program). It’s not that he’s able to routinely stack the roster with multiple McDonald’s All-Americans (there have been [...]

Some things that there are not 900 of

Varsity lettermen in SU men’s basketball history (642)
Points scored by Marius Janulis in his SU career (889)
Assists by Jason Hart in his SU career (709)
Wins by Syracuse football since the beginning of time (686)
Calories in a Big Mac (550)
3-pt attempts by Andy Rautins in his SU career (754)
Years since the Magna Carta was issued (797)
Points [...]

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye

But nobody lost an eye tonight, therefore it was indeed all fun and games.
Credit to Monmouth for coming out strong early and keeping the game close, giving SU a few haymakers of their own to start with. They are quick and looked well-prepared to handle the press (most of the time) and were not afraid [...]


OK, I thought the USS Midway was actually docked in port, not rolling around on the high seas. But it must have been unmoored and rocking to and fro on some major waves. How else to explain the utter slopfest that was yesterday’s Battle thereon? It hurt my eyes to watch, and not because I [...]

With or without Noel

I try not to get too hyped up about potential recruits. Once a guy has made his decision to play for Jim Boeheim, I’ll pore over the most minute of details about his game, style, personality, haircut, anything. But until then, I try to keep my distance. I’d rather not invest too much, getting all [...]

Revenge Ain’t Easy

First, to business: The Streak is officially continued.
Now, about that Marquette game. It reminded me a lot of the NC State game. SU exploded in the first half and basically could do no wrong. On defense they were forcing turnovers, challenging every shot, denying the GEagles any access to the lane. On offense they were [...]

On the road again….

Fitting that SU’s FTRG (”first true road game”) came on a night when I was making my own road trip, driving 6 hours from DC to glorious chilly Upstate NY. I thought I’d timed it perfectly, arriving at my destination around 6:45, just enough time to get settled in and stretch out from the road [...]

In defense of Jim Boeheim

(Not that he needs my help… I think he can take care of himself…)
It’s time to break my silence. Frankly, I had wanted to avoid writing about the Bernie Fine situation altogether. It’s just sad all around, and unlike a lot of the blogs out there we’re not trying to be professional journalists or even [...]