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reveal thyself, mysterious benefactor!

I grant that being #2 in the AP poll — so close to glory we can taste it — is more exciting than the Coaches poll relegating us to #3 (that’s soooo last week).  However, it’s worth noting that SU received a solitary glorious FIRST PLACE VOTE in said Coaches poll, and it behooves me [...]

The Blame Game

An attempt to find some rationale amidst the steaming heap of dung that is this year’s Field of 65 (and how Syracuse ended up in the NIT). All computer numbers from

mad love

One quick note about the Hofstra game, which Josh covered well. When Preston Shumpert was announced by the PA, he received a warm but brief round of applause from an appreciative audience.  Later on, when Kueth Duany was announced, the place absolutely erupted and Kueth got a standing ovation from the 18,000.
Strictly speaking, Shumpert had [...]

It’s About Time

It’s about time SU pulled away from an inferior opponent relatively early in the game, and then maintained the lead throughout.
It’s about time Paul Harris snapped out of his funk and started reasserting himself on both ends of the floor.
It’s about time Devendorf remembered that what makes him a good player is his ability to drive the [...]

Colgate and beyond

As any good Central New Yorker can tell you, you know it’s summer when they’re rockin’ in Weedsport. You know it’s winter, meanwhile, when the SU men’s basketball team crushes Colgate into a fine maroon dust and sends them back to Hamilton in an envelope. But apparently hope springs eternal for the Red Raiders. The [...]

Colonial Athletic Association

#8 Georgetown was horrendously upset at home today by Old Dominion. Or were they? JT III’s boys definitely lost, but maybe this isn’t as much of a shocker as you’d think. OD is 4-1 now, but more importantly they’re in the CAA, which is the same conference that sent George Mason to [...]

Pro Update 11-16

Some new names in the pro update tonight, but first the usual suspects….
Carmelo had 34 (including 16-19 FTs) on Wednesday but the Nugs lost to the Magic.
Warrick plays only 17 minutes Wednesday and scores 4 points in a loss to the Kings. Jason Hart did not play in this game. However, Hart does get into [...]