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God what a terrible pun. Sorry, it’s 2am.
Make no mistake, though, tonight’s loss is going to have significant consequences for SU’s tournament hopes. With another close loss to a ranked team, the Orange are rapidly becoming the team that can only win games in which they are favored. This was a big part of the [...]

The Mighty K-Ong!

There was a lot to love about the Villanova game. Paul Harris finally getting a favorable matchup against Nova’s smaller front line, and just exploiting the hell out of it. Donte’s mini-explosion in the first half when the team needed him to step up, lest the game get away early. Jonny Flynn entering the lane [...]

The Wisconsin of the East

I want everyone to take a moment and think back to early December. It was a simpler, more innocent time. The President was assuring us that the economy was still strong. Rudy Giuliani was a lock to win the Republican nomination. And in the world of Syracuse basketball, we were marveling at the incredible offensive [...]

Doctor, we have a heartbeat

One of the benefits of watching tonight’s game against DePaul in a sports bar on West 3rd is that I didn’t have to hear one word out of Mike Jarvis. One of the drawbacks, however, is that the level of beer consumption the environment inspired diluted the clarity of my in-game observations. In other [...]

All is not lost. Not yet.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but the reality is that this year is not so far off the tracks as it might feel. In fact, so far things have gone almost exactly as some of us predicted. It’s painful to go through while you experience it, but the truth is only the Cincinnati game [...]

I leave the country for a week and look what happens

Apparently my fellow Cuse Country writers are a bit disheartened. How else to explain the lack of content on this forum since I left town on the 5th? I was in an airport leaving NYC when they beat USF, but it all fell apart after that. They dropped two apparently ugly games while I was [...]

lofty heights, under the radar

Syracuse is, as you read this, ranked ninth in the college basketball ratings percentage index, and the owner of the second most challenging list of opponents in all the land. This may the first time in history SU has achieved the stat mentioned in the second clause of that sentence. The Orange is also sitting [...]

any win is a good win

First some blogosphere stuff: we just added an impressive new Syracuse-related blog to the roll on the right. Many of the other Syracuse blogs already picked up on them, but we’re also psyched about CuseAdelphia, we’re just a little slow on the uptake. It’s a group of journalism guys at SU, blogging about Syracuse sports [...]

Dear Norm Roberts

Mr. Roberts-
I wish to express my appreciation of several of your strategic decisions in tonight’s Syracuse-St. John’s game.  Foremost among these was allowing Arinze Onuaku to move freely through the paint for short hook shots and layups, rather than using your collection of nondescript interchangeable frontcourt players to foul him every time he got the [...]

“Like A Virus:” The Orange Road Invasion in Pictures

Attending our game at Villanova this weekend, it was impossible to ignore a fact that most of our Big East rivals have probably long since come to terms with: Syracuse fans tend to be extremely obnoxious when visiting road arenas. “Like a virus” was the best description overheard from a Villanova fan in our section. [...]