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James Southerland getting in foul trouble was not the reason Syracuse lost last night. While his absence may have accelerated the process, the sad truth is that Louisville would have worn down the Orange with or without him.
The game reminded me a lot of the 2009 BET final between these same two teams. So I [...]

Still smiling

It’s 4:45, and Georgetown still sucks.
By the way, that was the game I was hoping for when I got tickets to the season finale at the Verizon Center. I think that was the game everyone was hoping for that day, except maybe the obnoxious parts of the Hoya fanbase. Anyone with historical perspective wanted [...]

Survive and advance

Based on his 3-5 shooting from deep, including the halftime buzzer-beater (and didn’t the final margin turn out to be three points?!?) I have added CJ Fair to yesterday’s tribute to Syracuse’s outside shooting:

I don’t know if you noticed, but they’re all holding up three fingers.
Not pictured: Michael Carter-Williams, but he played the pivotal role [...]

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Nothing like a porous Seton Hall defense to restore confidence in your shooting ability. Slump? What slump? How does 56% shooting sound?
Of course, Pitt’s rugged defenders could throw the Orange right back off their rhythm, where they have been for the better part of a month. But maybe — just maybe!! — this game will [...]

Natti D’oh!

Wow. That is not how I expected SU’s 2012 Big East Tournament run to end. It’s not that they lost to Cincinnati. The Bearcats are one of those teams that is very good when they are “on”, but you just never know if they are going to bring it on any given day. But I [...]

Orange roll

OK, so we never recapped the final regular season game. Here’s what we wanted to say about Saturday’s win over Louisville:
That win cemented some serious history for this year’s Orange squad. 30 wins? Ridiculous. 17-1 in the Big East? Recockulous. Yet another Big East trophy? Redonkulous. I’m just sitting here loving every moment [...]


This weekend, Syracuse plays UConn… twice.
You know about the Pasqualoni Bowl on Saturday. But what you may not know is that on Sunday, SU will play UConn again. The Syracuse field hockey team has advanced to the finals of the Big East Tournament by defeating Villanova 3-0 earlier today. The Orange got goals from Kelsey [...]

Who on this Syracuse team would you want on your side in a knife fight?

When it comes to Syracuse basketball, I’m typically a creature of brazen overconfidence. Every preseason I get that “this could be the year” feeling that only blossoms as we mow through mid-major opponents and preseason tournaments in November and December. Then, over the course of every season, they provide the full dramatic range of hope, [...]

And now, we wait.

Bullet points!

I refuse to pick on Scoop for taking a contested three with around 15 seconds left in OT, down by three points. When the kid hits the clutch shots we saw at the end of regulation, he has earned the right to take another.
I was very impressed by UConn’s energy level, considering how much [...]

Come together

Right now. (Not right now.)
Correct me if I’m wrong, but has there been a more complete team effort win this season than this one? Major contributions from 7 guys, and it seemed that each of them carried the load for one stretch or another. Waiters had big moments in the first half. Scoop made things [...]