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We know you’re wondering (Pro Wrapup 2010)

Derelict. Derelict in our duties. That is the only phrase that can describe what has happened here at Cuse Country. There has been a ridiculous span of time that has passed since we last checked in with former Orangemen around the globe. Entire seasons were played during that time. While we did recently give you [...]

Glenn Sekunda, we hardly knew ye

One of the recently-awarded prizes for the Cuse Country “Pick With Your Heart” NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge (or CCPWYHNCAATBC for short) was a game program from the February 1, 1992 matchup between SU and Seton Hall. The program’s cover features Michael Edwards, which is awesome enough by itself. But the interior is a treasure trove [...]

Pro Update 4-22-10 (Playoff primer edition)

Happy Earth Day everybody! We will celebrate by spanning the globe, checking in on SU alums playing ball far and near, all while leaving a minuscule carbon footprint. (Because my laptop runs on wishes and moonbeams.) This edition features a Matt Gorman resurgence in England, Terrence Roberts speaking out in Japan, and Preston Shumpert setting [...]

does anyone else still find it hard to root for Donte Greene?

I’m not a passionate NBA fan, but I do like it. Probably if my Knicks ever got back to respectability I’d regain some of the intensity I had back in the 90’s. Regardless, I still keep tabs on the Association, because I think it’s a good entertainment product, I’ve got my loyalties, and I like [...]

Who do you love?? (Pro Update 1-21-10)

So I spent the end of my last post getting all concerned about the challenge of SU facing Marquette, and they go and lay a steaming pile against DePaul last night, letting the Blue Demons finally end their 24-game Big East losing streak. I guess you never know in this business.
Anyway. Much has happened in [...]

Pro Update 1-11-10

Welcome to 2010 everyone! It’s been a long hard slog through the autumn months. Loads of stuf has continued to crop up and prevent me from doing what I love — that is, scraping the farthest corners of the internet for crumbs of information about former Syracuse basketball players who are now making their living [...]

Another All 00’s Team

No, I don’t mean a team made up entirely of Rick Jacksons.

Inspired by TNIAAM’s extensive review of the decade in Syracuse football (broken down by best games, worst games, QBs, RBs, WRs) I’m pleased to present my Cuse Country SU Men’s Basketball All-Decade Teams. It’s slightly different from football because of the way basketball seasons [...]

Back from the Garden

That was awesome. Fantastic. Tremendous, even.
It’s doubtful that I’ll have an opportunity to write much about the UNC game tomorrow, with a full day of visiting NYC on the agenda. So I will take this moment to just say a few things floating in my head about this major, major triumph.

When this team gets after [...]

Blasts from the pasts

So yes, I spent the afternoon watching two old Syracuse games on ESPN Classic. I saw their noon and 2pm offerings. It wasn’t how I intended to spend my afternoon, but once I found out about the airings I knew my errands would have to wait. The noon game was a win over Notre Dame [...]

Halftime update

Real quick, while SU takes a break from punting on 4th-and-1 at midfield:
Updating our last entry regarding the D-League prospects of various former Orangemen, Darryl Watkins has signed with the Iowa Energy of the D-League. Regular readers of this space will recognize Iowa as Demetris Nichols’ most frequent employer over the past two seasons, but [...]