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Oh, what fun it is to ride…

How much fun was THAT!!!

I’ll stop just short of saying that was a “statement game” for SU, since it was Seton Hall and not, say, Louisville. But damn, what a thorough whuppin’ that was. Any time you take a conference opponent behind the woodshed like that, you know things are going right for you. I [...]

On the road again….

Fitting that SU’s FTRG (”first true road game”) came on a night when I was making my own road trip, driving 6 hours from DC to glorious chilly Upstate NY. I thought I’d timed it perfectly, arriving at my destination around 6:45, just enough time to get settled in and stretch out from the road [...]

Blundering Herd

That game was… how shall I put this…

Any time your opponent misses nine hundred shots (approximately) you expect to have a gigantic lead… unless, of course, that opponent is able to rebound close to half of those misses, and you find yourself unable to score yourself other than when you are on a fast break.
Watching [...]

The quick and the dead

The quick is the SU basketball team. Good effort by the guys on Friday night to dispatch a talented and resilient Florida squad. The dead is, of course, the football team, who laid another stinker Saturday in a season mostly full of them.
Instead of spending valuable column inches here spouting off about football, I will [...]

Trees out; Eagles in

I was never so relieved about the result of a basketball game as I was when SU was up by 18 or so with under 3 minutes left. I didn’t watch the game live, I had a prior commitment (thanks a pantload, schedulers, for holding the SU game during the only time slot in all [...]

overconfidence and taking games for granted

Not that I recommend this particular philosophy in sports, but if you are the type of fan who is inclined to overconfidence and cockiness, you will find this tidbit from Donna Ditota’s initial article about Indiana State useful:
[INST Coach] Lansing characterized the MVC as a man-to-man basketball league. His team, he said, rarely sees [...]

One out of two Coreys ain’t bad

Still in a gleeful mood after last night’s win. The more I read the box score and postgame wrapups, the more amazed I am at the events which transpired in Philadelphia. Plenty of stuff went down that had no business happening. For instance:

Brandon Triche had 7 rebounds. I noticed him going hard at the boards [...]


Going to overtime, at home, against Rutgers? I know the Big East is ridiculously strong this year, and anyone can win on any given night afternoon, but Rutgers? Really?
The crazy part about that game was that it seemed like SU was actually playing reasonably well. There weren’t any glaring problems. Rutgers wasn’t draining ridiculous threes. [...]



I would love to sit here and write multiple paragraphs about SU’s win over Providence — a game which I was able to attend in person, my first basketball game of the year (and the only one I’ll see at the Dome) — but I have to get my butt into my car and down [...]