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The ends of an era

February 29, 2012: John Thompson Jr. hosts the final episode of his terrible sports talk radio show.
One day later: the inimitable Hoya Suxa signs off of the internet.
From all of us here at Cuse Country, a hearty “Well done, sir” and an enthusiastic golf clap to Matt Glaude. Never has there been so sublime [...]

A programming note

I am aware that Cuse Country never recapped the West Virginia game. So what. You saw it, I saw it. You take wins however you can in this crazy conference season, where USF is 6-3 and Pitt is 3-7. The only thing I want to mention about it is this: Bob Huggins is a whiny [...]

The quick and the dead

The quick is the SU basketball team. Good effort by the guys on Friday night to dispatch a talented and resilient Florida squad. The dead is, of course, the football team, who laid another stinker Saturday in a season mostly full of them.
Instead of spending valuable column inches here spouting off about football, I will [...]

The ten best lines from Ben Detrick’s article on SU’s future national championship

While most of Syracuse nation remains abuzz over the football team’s unexpected demolishing of West Virginia — and I remain in that state as well — I’m also still reveling in the afterglow of the most entertaining piece of Syracuse basketball writing I’ve come across in years. I’m referring to Ben Detrick’s hilarious, erudite, and [...]

Taking it for granted

The USF game showed us the Orange we so vividly recall from December. Dominance inside by Jackson. Brief spurts of competence by the otherwise ineffective centers. Brandon Triche playing well for a while, then disappearing for long stretches. Excellent point guard play, but only when said guards were focused and under control. Whenever they started [...]

2010 S.O.B. Awards - Best Player Quote

Thanks, Idiots. If this had been the Oscars, we’d have interspersed performances of each of those nominated songs throughout the awards presentation. As it stands, though, I think we were better off having them all in one place — it’s easier to impose a quarantine that way.
Cuse Country is proud to present the 2010 SOB [...]

“Pick With Your Heart” Standings - Final Four Edition

It’s coming down to the wire in the Cuse Country “Pick With Your Heart” Bracket Challenge. Since everyone was required to pick Syracuse as their champions, there is really only one game left to decide the contest winners. The outcome of the Duke-WVU game will be the final datum that will distinguish the playaz from [...]

I always kind of suspected that Jim Calhoun was completely full of shit

Check out this amazing research and reporting by HoyaSuxa. My man exposes the shameless distortions and omissions in Jim Calhoun’s vitriolic response to a muckraking journalist’s question about Calhoun’s exorbitant tax-payer funded salary. If you’re not familiar with the incident, Suxa links to a good summary of the confrontation in his post, so go there [...]

stealing more entertainment products from others

Our man Russiantor at T3I is much better than us at trolling random blogs, and he dug up a doozy of an entertaining post today. It’s from a Rutgers guy, and it laments their awfulness in basketball in as profoundly hilarious a manner as I could imagine. Russ explains it:
Anyone that’s watched college basketball for [...]

is there a Big Four?

Sean at TNIAAM just posted a fascinating poll regarding a theoretical Syracuse sports version of Mt. Rushmore. He proposes — and I tend to agree — that three of the four faces on Mount Cusemore are easy picks. The fourth person, however, is highly debatable. Everyone should head over there and express their opinion. I [...]