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Something I’ve never seen before

I had an unsettled reaction to this AP photo from Kris Joseph’s first summer league game as a Celtic:

It’s not the green jersey that looked weird on him. (Though it does, a little.) No, at first I was struck by the copious amount of ink he is displaying. Did he really have all that done [...]

It’s getting drafty in here

And here is our less-than-24-hours-old-but-still-late-to-the-game NBA draft analysis.
Dion Waiters: What more can you say. The #4 pick in the draft. Well done young man. I’ve never heard of someone shooting up the draft boards so dramatically. Remember, when he declared for the pros, a large contingent of Orange nation was calling it a mistake. There [...]

And then there were none

Demetris Nichols got cut today by the Utah Jazz. Utah decided to go with the minimum roster size required by NBA rules, which is 13 players. Three other guys were cut in addition to Nichols; 2nd-round draft pick Jeremy Evans made the team. I guess Utah is in such financial straits that it makes more [...]

A dream deferred… again

Its official: the New Orleans Hornets have released Darryl Watkins. They signed some other dude to be their scrub reserve center. Mook could go back to the D-League, or to China, or to who knows where. Once we know, you will too.
The good news is that Demetris Nichols is still hanging tough in Jazz camp, [...]

NBA Hopefuls Update

Don’t look so excited, Demetris.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. NBA training camp. Where guys who are used to being the best player on their own team are suddenly scrapping against each other for the honor of riding an NBA bench night after night. Not a few of these guys hail from the beacon [...]

NBA Summer League Update

The three-week-long festival of essentially pickup basketball that is the NBA Summer League experience is winding to a close. The two sessions (first Orlando, then Vegas) have been dotted with Orange this summer. No fewer than seven former Syracuse stars have appeared on at least one Summer League roster. I bet you won’t guess which [...]

Draft Thoughts

It’s been a quiet month in Cuse Country, and frankly it’s going to continue to be quiet over the summer, most likely. I do owe you news on the overseas guys, which hopefully will come early next week before the holiday. But for tonight we are focused on two fine Orange gentlemen who are about [...]

Pro Update 4-22-10 (Playoff primer edition)

Happy Earth Day everybody! We will celebrate by spanning the globe, checking in on SU alums playing ball far and near, all while leaving a minuscule carbon footprint. (Because my laptop runs on wishes and moonbeams.) This edition features a Matt Gorman resurgence in England, Terrence Roberts speaking out in Japan, and Preston Shumpert setting [...]

I stand before you in awe

Given the context — the importance, the opponent, the adversity, and the improbability — I’m inclined to think that the first 30 minutes of SU’s win against Gonzaga was the most impressive display I have ever seen from a Syracuse team.
I realize Gonzaga is not a top ten team, and that the final margin was [...]

does anyone else still find it hard to root for Donte Greene?

I’m not a passionate NBA fan, but I do like it. Probably if my Knicks ever got back to respectability I’d regain some of the intensity I had back in the 90’s. Regardless, I still keep tabs on the Association, because I think it’s a good entertainment product, I’ve got my loyalties, and I like [...]