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Did Syracuse really just win a game at the free throw line?

I saw it with my eyes and still don’t believe it. What’s next, the government minting a trillion-dollar coin?
I’ll take the road win, and I’ll take the strong interior play of Fair and Christmas which is what really carried the day. Those guys stepped up when they really needed to. CJ, nicely done as usual; [...]

On the road again….

Fitting that SU’s FTRG (”first true road game”) came on a night when I was making my own road trip, driving 6 hours from DC to glorious chilly Upstate NY. I thought I’d timed it perfectly, arriving at my destination around 6:45, just enough time to get settled in and stretch out from the road [...]

helping to push Josh’s “concern” post further down in the hopes that no one reads it

The first thing I noticed from the Robert Morris box score was Triche’s 7 assists and Scoop’s 9 (!).  Damn impressive at first, but then I spotted Andy Rautins’ line and realized the team had been blessed with one of those Andy Rautins Games. When he gets in that zone, he’s a dream for a [...]

the early view from China

I live in China these days; Beijing to be specific. In order to prevent Josh from flying solo this year — because lord knows none of the other slacker contributors to this space are likely to step up — I will try to chime in from time to time when I can glean some wisdom [...]

How Not To Be Soft, by the Pittsburgh Panthers

I realize no one in this space has posted about the great Georgetown win, so I feel a little bad about jumping to a different subject first. But frankly, Saturday’s win was one of the most frustrating I’ve ever seen, and rather than harp on all the ups and downs, swings of emotion, gripes, and [...]

The Night The Defense Came To Town

After thorough analysis of the Orange’s recent defensive performances, especially our propensity to give up a benjamin worth of points, the boys showed up tonight.  Yes, Syracuse lost again to fall to 2-6 over their last eight games (they don’t call it the gauntlet for nothing), but the defense showed spark, hustle, and intensity right [...]

On K-ong

Before the upcoming UConn game wipes away all but the most obvious and painful memories of the Villanova game, I want to draw attention to the one pleasant surprise in Saturday’s game. Kristof! had 9 rebounds in 17 minutes and hustled his Belgian butt off before fouling out.
Needless to say, Syracuse did not come back [...]

softest team in the Big East?

Giving up 100 points or more in a regulation college basketball game is a humiliating event. Or it should be at any rate. It’s an event so incredibly disheartening and improbable that it should be one of the rarest occasions in the sport. Any modicum of effort on defense by any reasonable collection of half-way [...]

Before our very eyes

So this is what happens when the CuseCountry crew rolls deep to a road game? Suffice it to say that watching SU give up a hundred points for the second time in three games was not what we had in mind when we bought our tickets a few months ago for this sold out game. [...]

the top ten is just not that in to you

That was disheartening. SU lost to Louisville on Sunday in a game that didn’t feel as competitive or close as the score indicated. Although SU showed heart and guts in keeping it close, repeatedly stanched Cardinal runs that threatened to turn the game into a route, and somehow managed to claw their way back into [...]