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See you next week!

Revenge Ain’t Easy

First, to business: The Streak is officially continued.
Now, about that Marquette game. It reminded me a lot of the NC State game. SU exploded in the first half and basically could do no wrong. On defense they were forcing turnovers, challenging every shot, denying the GEagles any access to the lane. On offense they were [...]

What went wrong

Scattered thoughts. I’m not up to doing a coherent analysis, and I’d rather get this out of the way so that I don’t have to think about it tomorrow:


Trees out; Eagles in

I was never so relieved about the result of a basketball game as I was when SU was up by 18 or so with under 3 minutes left. I didn’t watch the game live, I had a prior commitment (thanks a pantload, schedulers, for holding the SU game during the only time slot in all [...]

Defense… please?

So: Cuse Country has been silent for over a week. A series of life-related events kept me mostly away from the computer and with little to no free time for the past several days. I missed the Marquette game when it was on; ended up watching it on DVR Monday night, and the last 3:00 [...]

Big East Conference review, part 2

As promised, here’s the second half of my survey of the Big East “preseason” results. For the first seven teams, see my previous post. This post will cover the exploits of the nine teams predicted by the coaches to finish in the top…uh, eight. I’ll quote myself from the last post to explain [...]

fear and paranoia

I’ll be honest with you: when Syracuse is a high seed in the tournament, I get very little joy at watching the amazing upsets that annually bedevil the power teams and delight audiences everywhere. Watching Villanova play utterly awful basketball and require a borderline miracle to escape Robert Morris wasn’t fun for me, nor was [...]

Marq it down

That was a great, fun game sandwiched in between about 4 minutes of shit on each end.
The turnovers early in the game were frustrating. Trying to exploit the big size advantage was the right way to go, they just weren’t quite prepared for the scrappiness of the smaller Marquette defenders. But, they didn’t diverge [...]

Syracusan’s Big East coach of the year: Jay Wright

There are two ways to pick a coach of the year, and neither one is particularly helpful in the Big East this year. Either you pick the one coach who’s team was so overwhelmingly dominant that they clearly did the best job, regardless of whether everyone expected them to win; or you pick the coach [...]