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In defense of Jim Boeheim

(Not that he needs my help… I think he can take care of himself…)
It’s time to break my silence. Frankly, I had wanted to avoid writing about the Bernie Fine situation altogether. It’s just sad all around, and unlike a lot of the blogs out there we’re not trying to be professional journalists or even [...]

The ten best lines from Ben Detrick’s article on SU’s future national championship

While most of Syracuse nation remains abuzz over the football team’s unexpected demolishing of West Virginia — and I remain in that state as well — I’m also still reveling in the afterglow of the most entertaining piece of Syracuse basketball writing I’ve come across in years. I’m referring to Ben Detrick’s hilarious, erudite, and [...]

That notorious Atlantic article and how it might relate to our current pain

Taylor Branch shook the world of college sports recently with the publication of a devastating attack on the NCAA’s system of exploitation against college athletes. The obfuscation, manipulation, hypocrisy, and general disingenuousness of almost everything the NCAA tries to do at the major sports level is truly disturbing.  He wrote the piece in The Atlantic, [...]

New friends, old enemies

A couple days ago’s menagerie of college basketball “experts” collectively made their picks for the upcoming season.  Ten luminaries of the sport made predictions on everything from which team would win each conference, to who would be the national Player of the Year, to which teams would make the Final Four.  To my pleasant [...]

finding joy the old fashioned way…

…which is to say, finding joy in the other guy’s pain.  Lets focus on what matters in the recently released Post-Standard preseason writers poll on the upcoming Big East basketball season.  Sure, SU was picked to finish 3rd, which is a decent perch from which to begin the new campaign. No complaints there. But lets [...]

Glenn Sekunda, we hardly knew ye

One of the recently-awarded prizes for the Cuse Country “Pick With Your Heart” NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge (or CCPWYHNCAATBC for short) was a game program from the February 1, 1992 matchup between SU and Seton Hall. The program’s cover features Michael Edwards, which is awesome enough by itself. But the interior is a treasure trove [...]

2010 S.O.B. Awards - Best Player Quote

Thanks, Idiots. If this had been the Oscars, we’d have interspersed performances of each of those nominated songs throughout the awards presentation. As it stands, though, I think we were better off having them all in one place — it’s easier to impose a quarantine that way.
Cuse Country is proud to present the 2010 SOB [...]

The state of modern journalism

Here are the lead sentences from two top-source stories on SU’s win over Gonzaga:
Dana O’Neil, ESPN: “There was a point this season when Wes Johnson couldn’t even pick up his laptop.”
Stewart Mandel, SI: “There was a time in early-to-mid February when Wes Johnson’s hand hurt so badly he couldn’t lift his laptop.”
I’m not accusing anyone [...]

Week Sauce

I’m sure you all noticed that it’s Rivalry Week for ESPN’s college hoops coverage. Otherwise known in Bristol as “whichever week Duke is playing UNC” regardless of which other major rivals happen to be facing off that week. Rivalry Week is just one of ESPN’s made-up “theme weeks” to try and suggest that their broadcast [...]

Boeheim for national Coach of the Year, lets get this thing rolling

Read this simply fantastic article from Pat Forde at ESPN. He says he’s pegged Boeheim as his Coach of the Year “by a solid margin.” Outrageously, Jimmy’s never won this prize; even more outrageously there are some notable voices out there who have stated publicly that he’s not their guy this year either (admittedly that [...]