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UNC wants revenge… I assume.

A query in the SU-Cal gamethread on TNIAAM got me thinking, and a bit of research at OrangeHoops confirmed what I hazily remembered. Syracuse and UNC have not met on the basketball court since the 1987 NCAA Tournament, when the #2-seeded Orangemen edged past the #1-seeded Tarheels of J. R Reid and Kenny “The Jet” [...]

The long, hot summer

I have not closely followed the news from football camp; I’m usually content to let all that stuff work itself out. The battles for starting positions, player defections, and general daily newsbits that keep Donnie Webb employed, I’ll occasionally take a glance but for the most part, whatever happens in the next couple of weeks [...]

it could be worse

While it’s been rough being a Syracuse hoops fan this season, I couldn’t help getting some perspective over the weekend. For instance, at least we didn’t get crushed on national TV by a mediocre ACC team the way UConn did. A few weeks ago, before UConn’s tailspin got really serious, Seth Davis on CBS said [...]

Lack of Fire

I had the opportunity to snag an extra ticket for last night’s Duke-Gonzaga game in Madison Square Garden. I missed much of the sloppiness that defined the first 20 minutes of play, but what I did see had me thinking a lot about the Syracuse game I attended on this very same court against [...]