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Many Certainly Wondered about Michael Carter-Williams’ ability to Make Cuse Win. But the Mighty Confident Way he Manhandled Crean’s Warriors last night — Making Crazy Winding layups and Multiple Challenging Willowy jump shots, and playing a Masterful, Crafty, Wondrous floor game — showed us all that the Man Can Work it on a Markedly Competitive, [...]

So much Cooney (SU beats Cincy)

In Syracuse’s last-minute, grinding win over Cincinnati on Monday, Jim Boeheim went with a three-guard lineup for a long, long stretch of the game. He ran it for the final two minutes of the first half, and then from the 16:30 mark of the 2nd half until around the 9:00 mark. Here, finally, SU felt [...]

Into the Cardinals’ nest: Cuse Country invades Louisville

The biggest SU fan I know moved to Louisville in October, and soon after he was settled in we made plans to attend this game. I got on a plane in Baltimore at noon and was in downtown Louisville by 2. A quick meal and a margarita at the Mexican restaurant across the street and [...]

Did Syracuse really just win a game at the free throw line?

I saw it with my eyes and still don’t believe it. What’s next, the government minting a trillion-dollar coin?
I’ll take the road win, and I’ll take the strong interior play of Fair and Christmas which is what really carried the day. Those guys stepped up when they really needed to. CJ, nicely done as usual; [...]

The 49ers

In the second half of Monday’s game against Eastern Michigan, Syracuse rode their full court press to a whopping 49 points. Tonight, in came the 49ers of Long Beach State. And in the first half, SU once again poured in 49 points, this time on the strength of a welcome barrage of three-pointers and 50% [...]

Oh what a relief it is

Now that’s more like it. That offense was sizzlin’ like bacon on a griddle. I’d like to thank UConn for their inability to play defense. After suffering through the Georgetown game, it was refreshing to see the offense clicking like we know it can. This is in fact credit to the Hoyas. Them dudes can [...]

Here we DON’T go again

Admit it. When Cincinnati opened the game by hitting a series of 28-foot three-pointers, you had that thought go through your head: “Oh man, here we go again.” As fans we were still reeling from Saturday’s debacle (myself perhaps more than most, since I’d just watched the ND game on tape earlier Monday afternoon), which [...]

Oh, what fun it is to ride…

How much fun was THAT!!!

I’ll stop just short of saying that was a “statement game” for SU, since it was Seton Hall and not, say, Louisville. But damn, what a thorough whuppin’ that was. Any time you take a conference opponent behind the woodshed like that, you know things are going right for you. I [...]

The slowest fast game in history

The SU-Bucknell game was wrapped up by 8:43 EST. We’re talking 100 minutes from opening tip to final horn. And thank goodness for that because the excitement level in the Dome was approximately that of the WCNY TelAuc. Much of this was due to the Bucknell game plan. They clearly were trying to shut down [...]

On the road again….

Fitting that SU’s FTRG (”first true road game”) came on a night when I was making my own road trip, driving 6 hours from DC to glorious chilly Upstate NY. I thought I’d timed it perfectly, arriving at my destination around 6:45, just enough time to get settled in and stretch out from the road [...]