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The Shut It Down Process

Holding the opponent under 30% shooting? Check.
Forcing 25 turnovers? Check.
Allowing five points over the final 15 minutes of the first half? Check.
Sing it with Coach Murphy now:

From the first few games, it looks like Syracuse will win this season through defense first. They do have a number of guys who are capable of a scoring [...]

Señor Leadership

With about 7 minutes left in the first half of last night’s game, SU led Providence by a slim 15-12 margin. PC had the ball after a turnover by Michael Carter-Williams. At this point, Jim Boeheim inserted Scoop Jardine back into the game. After PC hit a pair of free throws, Scoop assisted on SU’s [...]

Matt Tomaszewski is the next Elvir Ovcina

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Matt is a 6′8″ dude who launches threes whenever he gets the opportunity. The main difference is that Tomaszewski is three-for-three this season, whereas Elvir was more of a 25% guy. Between Nick “Trick Shot” Resavy and Big Matty T, it looks like our walk-ons are [...]

helping to push Josh’s “concern” post further down in the hopes that no one reads it

The first thing I noticed from the Robert Morris box score was Triche’s 7 assists and Scoop’s 9 (!).  Damn impressive at first, but then I spotted Andy Rautins’ line and realized the team had been blessed with one of those Andy Rautins Games. When he gets in that zone, he’s a dream for a [...]

Come on now

We’re in the freaking finals. This is nuts.
It’s hard to wax as poetic about last night’s game as the hitsorical epic we witnessed on Thursday night. Ho hum, just one overtime. Admit it — in any other setting, as last night’s game went into OT you’d have been completely excited and nervous and tense and [...]

I’ll take 12-1, thanks; or, welcome to the show Andy, we’ve missed you

The pollsters weren’t in a holiday mood this Monday, knocking SU well out of striking range of the top 10 in both polls, despite our seemingly momentous victory in Memphis. So much for the concept of ‘what have you done for me lately.’ I would have thought the win over the Tigers would weigh more [...]

for the record

The following acknowledgment in no way reflects the opinion of the majority of the Cuse Country staff (who insist on the self-torture of Met fanhood year after year), but I would like to officially congratulate the Philadelphia Phillies on their rousing championship last night. I was a generally disinterested party in the proceedings, but I’m [...]

I’m not sure I can take a whole season of this

But I’m probably going to have to. What the hell, it’ll be entertaining at least.
Something I want everyone to notice is the play of Arinze Onuaku. Specifically, his hands. He has the ability to catch a pass and go up with the shot quickly and fluidly– which has been lacking in SU big men for [...]

Various and Sundry Observations from Game 1

As a sports fan generally starved of anything warranting happiness for the last 8 or so months, I naturally take tonight’s poorly executed 97- 89 victory over Siena with unbridled optimism. It comes down to the crucial difference between young players and veterans. If last year’s team had produced the same outcome, I’d feel pretty [...]

Jim Boeheim and the offense of the go-to-guy

Everyone always gives a lot of well deserved lip service to Boeheim as the master of the 2-3 zone, but have you ever heard anyone specifically put Jimmy’s offensive coaching style under the microscope?
What got me thinking about this was seeing the UConn women’s team play following our loss to the Johnnies in the garden. [...]