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Time to celebrate … time to go

I’ll make this quick.
Congratulations to both the men’s and women’s basketball teams for overcoming the odds and making their respective Final Fours this season. It’s quite an accomplishment for any team, in the crapshoot that is March Madness. Double credit to the women for making the final game and putting forth nothing less than their [...]

The streak continues!

I know, I haven’t posted here since November, two games into the season. Dreams of long, involved essays breaking down the specifics of Tyler Lydon’s footwork have given way to the realities of 1.5 full-time jobs. And yet, in the wake of last night’s victory over Florida State, SU has once again reached the point [...]

Choose your Bonaventure

You are on a basketball court with the ball in your hands. Your team is losing by 10 to a decided underdog road team that hasn’t beaten you since 1981. The home fans are restless and your coach is steaming mad. You are being guarded by a much smaller player, who nevertheless appears to be [...]

Welcome to the edge

Time to pop the lid on another season of Syracuse basketball. The “Fightin’ Citrus” finds themselves teetering on the edge of relevance. Not a single vote in the AP preseason top 25 poll. A coach who will (probably) miss a significant chunk of the season, and who can see the end of his career from [...]


Hidden among the many, surprising, surprisingly many bright spots in last night’s victory over the South Bend University Turtlenecks was another example of Jim Boeheim’s brilliance. I shouldn’t still be amazed, but nevertheless I am, at how well JB understands the college game in general, and his team in particular.
The brilliant move was to [...]

The streak survives

Syracuse basketball has once again guaranteed a winning season. That’s 44(!!) seasons in a row without a loss.
Once again I will shout it into the internet where nobody will hear it:
Here is your annual proof: a screen shot taken from the NCAA record [...]

Just get through it

I don’t think I have ever seen a Syracuse basketball season that was anything like this. Dancing on the edge of disaster for game after game. Trying to cobble together a successful season with essentially three competent players. It’s a testament to the post dominance of Rakeem Christmas that the team has even managed to [...]

Welcome back, welcome back

Basketball season has returned!
And so has the blog. We are gonna give this another try. Changes in life circumstance have left me hopeful that I can carve out some time every so often to keep the internet dream alive. At the very least we’re remaining active on Twitter during games, so drop a follow @CuseCountry [...]

Handling their business

Syracuse’s win over North Carolina yesterday was a thing of beauty — as long as you don’t care about shooting percentages. Which I don’t. Sure, it’s nice when you hit shots and it fires up the crowd, but in my dotage I’ve become much more of a fan of SU’s defense. And boy were they [...]

Reese’s Gold (Pro Update January 2014)

Happy new year to all you out there in Orangeland. The fruits of the Syracuse basketball program are spread far and wide across the globe, and from time to time we extend our cybertendrils and draw them in from the far corners all to one place. In other words: the whole world is Cuse Country.

Boeheim [...]