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Five Reasons SU Won’t Make the Final Four

And for those who are going to accuse me of being a downer in the aftermath of our first #1 seed in 30 years, I say ease up. The companion post to this one, with the reasons that the Orangemen will make the Final Four, is on its way tomorrow. I prefer to get my [...]

they’ve got a sick sense of humor, but I’ll take the #1

Quick hit reactions on the bracket here on Monday morning in China:

The committee must have some kind of sadistic streak to pair us with Vermont. Not that I fear a repeat performance from 2005, but the amount of flashback highlights we’re going to have to endure is not something I look forward to. And there’s [...]

Oh, it is ON.

Getting majorly psyched up for the game tonight. I will of course be there, as I have for the past 10 years that I have lived in the DC area (except those dark years that they did not play a game here), decked out in bright orange of course. I’m not particularly confident that Syracuse [...]

Mike Waters gets out in front of the story

I appreciate the fine work that Post-Standard reporters Mike Waters and Donna Ditota do on a day to day basis. They work hard, and they do an excellent job of bringing us the immediate story and up-to-the-minute info. But the fact is both are generally too busy to write up the kind of long-form, reflective, [...]

Marq it down

That was a great, fun game sandwiched in between about 4 minutes of shit on each end.
The turnovers early in the game were frustrating. Trying to exploit the big size advantage was the right way to go, they just weren’t quite prepared for the scrappiness of the smaller Marquette defenders. But, they didn’t diverge [...]

Road Rules

Another game, another quality road win for the Syracuse Orangemen. And not one of these ‘friendly’ road games that people seem to not to want to give us credit for. (Hey, can we help it if nobody in New Jersey wants to buy tickets to watch Seton Hall or Rutgers? Sorry Pat Forde.) Notre Dame’s [...]

Another All 00’s Team

No, I don’t mean a team made up entirely of Rick Jacksons.

Inspired by TNIAAM’s extensive review of the decade in Syracuse football (broken down by best games, worst games, QBs, RBs, WRs) I’m pleased to present my Cuse Country SU Men’s Basketball All-Decade Teams. It’s slightly different from football because of the way basketball seasons [...]


Just got back a little while ago from the Dome, where I watched SU follow up their impressive showing in New York with a not-quite-as-impressive-but-still-darn-good game against probably the second-best team in New York State (prove me wrong, Siena). The Orange topped Cornell by 15 in a game that was close for a while but [...]

Back from the Garden

That was awesome. Fantastic. Tremendous, even.
It’s doubtful that I’ll have an opportunity to write much about the UNC game tomorrow, with a full day of visiting NYC on the agenda. So I will take this moment to just say a few things floating in my head about this major, major triumph.

When this team gets after [...]

Syracuse Basketball: the Beginninging.

It’s almost here everyone! In just a few days a few hours (this took me longer than I thought to finish!), the Most Wonderful Time of the Year shall officially begin. The Orangemen will take on the Albany Mediocre Danes; Jim Boeheim will be questing for his 800th career win (now trailing Jim Calhoun by [...]