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Oh what a relief it is

Now that’s more like it. That offense was sizzlin’ like bacon on a griddle. I’d like to thank UConn for their inability to play defense. After suffering through the Georgetown game, it was refreshing to see the offense clicking like we know it can. This is in fact credit to the Hoyas. Them dudes can [...]

Ah the sweet taste of freedom (Pro Update 2-21-10)

Guess who’s out on work-release!

That’s right, kids, it’s our old pal Damone Brown. His felony money-laundering charge, as far as I can tell via the internet, has not gone to trial or been otherwise resolved yet, but in the meantime he’s out of jail and playing ball in his hometown. Damone signed on with the [...]

The SOBs - Day Two - Most Improved Player

Good morning ladies and gentledudes, and welcome to Day Two of the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards. There is another tasty menu of accolades to come today. If you missed Day One of the awards, you can go to SOB-HQ at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician for links to all the awards that have been [...]

extrapolating the entire season from one exhibition box score

Granted, they were playing against a tiny school from Albany named for the patron saint of Lima, Peru. It didn’t even count; the stats don’t go in the permanent record; the opponent was from DII. SU is still 0-0. Nothing that happened in this game should be taken remotely seriously. Nothing [...]

A New Era Begins

Admit it, it’s snuck up on you. You’ve already forgotten about Arinze Onuaku’s destruction of property and possibly even about Andy Rautins’ destruction of ligaments. You may even have let slip from your mind the very existence of Kristof Ongenaet (I wonder if they’re calling him K-Ong yet). Well, NO MORE! Put away your fantasy [...]

Foul Mood… and a theory on this team’s inner-workings

Because I’m having trouble making sense of this year’s team, and I’m in a foul mood in general following my team’s second straight bocce league loss to start the season, I’m feeling a need to declare a festivus and air my grievances.
I watched bits and pieces of tonight’s UConn loss at the bar during the [...]

An eventful Saturday night

Before my thoughts on the Baylor game, in my unofficial capacity as SU-NBA chronicler I must mention the massive brawl between the Nuggets and the Knicks tonight, in which Carmelo was thoroughly involved (he punched Mardy Collins in the face). It’s likely he will get suspended for at least a few games. My assumption is [...]


That’s how they do it in Canada.
Freshman Canadian center Devin Brennan-McBride (henceforth known as “D-B-Mac”) got into the St. Francis game, playing 7 minutes, scoring 2 points, grabbing 2 boards and committing 2 fouls.
This kills any speculation that he may redshirt this year. It also, I think, does not bode well for the return of [...]